Strategy Analytics: Green Mobile Operators Need Holistic Approach to Achieve Net Zero Target

Improving energy efficiency is key for operators’ sustainable growth

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With more and more countries, regions, cities, and companies establishing carbon neutrality targets, it is time for mobile network operators to make a clear commitment to net zero emissions. A goal that not only demonstrates a company’s social responsibility but also brings financial benefits by optimizing operating costs. Strategy Analytics’ new report The Journey Towards A Net Zero Mobile Network, reviews approaches that enable mobile network operators to achieve their net-zero targets; and describes a benchmark methodology for mobile network energy efficiency.

The report outlines seven technical solutions for improving mobile network energy efficiency and suggests how mobile network operators can make energy efficiency a key performance indicator (KPI) to further improve network energy efficiency.

Sue Rudd, Director, Network and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics, commented “Telecom operators should focus on three dimensions to move toward the net-zero target – improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy, and helping their customers to reduce carbon emissions. The first principle is to reduce energy consumption. To do that, operators need a full-stack of energy saving solutions that improve energy efficiency end-to-end across the entire network.”

Guang Yang, Director of Strategy Analytics Service Provider Group, added “there is always a trade-off between improving network energy efficiency and guaranteeing user experience. Limiting network resources can effectively improve network energy efficiency, but it may hurt the user experience and eventually impact the operator’s competitiveness. Operators need to be innovative to balance improved network energy efficiency with the provision of resources that guarantee user experience. New technologies for intelligent operations are becoming available to make that possible.”


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