SLOconf 2022 Speakers Announced

Hosted by Nobl9, conference to focus on the latest trends in Service Level Objectives (SLOs), use cases and best practices for infrastructure

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nobl9, the service level observability company, today announced the roster of speakers for SLOconf 2022 (May 9-12, 2022). SLOconf is designed to bring together customers, partners, industry leaders and contributors within the Service Level Objective (SLO) community to share learnings, best practices, and use cases, and provide a number of hands-on lab and networking opportunities.

SLOs are a popular framework for modeling deeper user happiness and reliability context into software systems. SLOconf 2022 is the only dedicated SLO event that brings together the gamut of SLO practitioners–from advanced users, to novices–to accelerate winning patterns for building reliability into the software development lifecycle with SLOs.

Site reliability experts from Cloudflare, Comcast, GitLab, Square and Thoughtworks will share critical adoption strategies for SLOs at this year’s event. Major observability and application monitoring vendors – including DataDog, Dynatrace, FireHydrant, Gremlin, Lightstep, PagerDuty – will present strategies for integrating SLOs with traditional monitoring and systems telemetry data. Explore the full list of confirmed speakers, at

“In recent years, SLO-based approaches to reliability have grown in both popularity and importance,” said Alex Hidalgo, Principal Reliability Advocate at Nobl9, and author of Implementing Service Level Objectives. “With the continued growth of SLOs in the enterprise we’ve also seen continued growth in communities looking to share the best practices and lessons learned from their own SLO journeys. SLOconf 2022 looks to build on the remarkable success of last year’s event with more talks, more collaboration, and an eye to the future of better ways of thinking about and measuring reliability.”

SLOconf 2022 is focused on four tracks:

1. SLO FUNdamentals – Helping establish the building blocks of SLO-based approaches to reliability.

2. SLOs for Everyone – SLOs aren’t just for engineers. This track highlights how they can be defined and used across other critical use cases and industries.

3. SLO Stories – SLOs most interesting adopters share real-life examples of how SLOs have helped (or failed!) them, and how they’ve played into interesting experiences and incidents.

4. The Future of SLOs – Leading SLO experts share advanced techniques, from tuning service level indicators (SLIs) to evolving error budgets for specific use cases, and everything in between. This is where you can level-up your SLO game if you are an intermediate user.

More than 2,200 engineers, technology decision makers and job seekers attended last year’s SLOconf, to discuss the future of reliability, observability, chaos engineering, DevOps and more. SLOconf 2021’s dedicated Slack space has more than 800 members who are still active today.

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About SLOconf (May 9-12, 2022)

SLOconf is a Service Level Objective (SLO) conference designed for “while-you’re working” participation. As the first dedicated SLO conference, SLOconf’s inaugural event in 2021 united thousands of developers, site reliability engineers and broader software industry professionals under the common goal of accelerating software engineering cycles by bringing more context to critical areas in the software development lifecycle that had been neglected for too long, like tech debt, user happiness, and overall developer productivity. Learn more, at:

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Nobl9 is the first service level observability platform that adds business context to software delivery. Global Enterprises in the financial services, ecommerce, and SaaS industries choose Nobl9 to accelerate engineering, set clear software reliability goals, and ensure end user happiness. Nobl9 enriches data from popular enterprise observability systems and fits into developer workflows using popular DevOps and collaboration tools. Nobl9 is backed by Battery Ventures, CRV, Sorenson Capital, Harmony Partners, Bonfire and Resolute. Learn more at


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