SimScale Announces World Cities Day Event: Simulate & Adapt Cities for Climate Resilience

MUNICH & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CFD–SimScale announces a live event Simulate & Adapt Cities for Climate Resilience in observance of the United Nations World Cities Day. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals focused on sustainability and urban planning can register for free and hear from global experts on the leading innovations helping adapt cities for climate resilience.

A future planet is one in which 80% of the global population will live in densely packed cities. Global megatrends, including urbanization and extreme climate change, will place unprecedented demands on our buildings, cities, and infrastructure. According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, every week, around the world, we build new floor space corresponding to a city the size of Paris in France.

This uses 40% of global natural resources

Creates 40% of all waste streams

Releases nearly 40% of all global energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere.

New advances in design and construction are needed to build and adapt cities for a rapidly changing climate. To showcase the latest in tech and thought leadership for resilient cities, SimScale announces their live event, in observance of the United Nations World Cities Day.

In this online event on October 27th, 2022, attendees will hear from global experts on:

Microclimate studies: how wind, solar, and the climate impact cities, including outdoor thermal comfort

City-scale design and analysis tools

How to integrate an ecosystem of design tools on energy, comfort, carbon, and citizen health

Three distinguished keynote speakers in urban design, the science of microclimate, and high-performance computing simulation, will give an update on the latest design research and methods needed to build better cities. This will be followed by leading global companies such as Atkins, Zaha Hadid, and KPF, showcasing how they apply the latest tools and thinking on actual projects worldwide.

Professor Maria Kolokotroni, Associate Dean at Brunel University London, UK who will be speaking at the event says, “Cities will be warmer in the future due to the combined effect of urban heat island and climate change. This will negatively impact the health, comfort, and well-being of city dwellers in open spaces and inside buildings. For some cities, passive cooling strategies might be suitable to avoid overheating in the city and buildings but this needs to be modeled at the local microclimatic level to inform suitable interventions.”

Partnership with One Tree Planted

Greenspaces are a critical facet of cities that are best adapted to climate change. As such, SimScale has partnered with One Tree Planted, planting one tree for every attendee of the event. With its mission of global reforestation and sustainability, One Tree Planted works with partners across 47+ countries.

To register for this free online event and view the complete program, visit the registration page.

About SimScale

SimScale provides engineering teams with a cloud-native platform focused on making high-fidelity simulation technically and economically accessible through streamlined workflows, modern sharing and collaboration features, and computational resources that scale up on-demand. With SimScale, engineering teams can optimize their designs with accuracy and ease, and focus on what matters the most: designing resilient buildings and cities. Visit for information.


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