SBLI to Offer GRAIL’s Galleri® Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Test to Select Policyholders

Enhancing Policyholder Health: Pilot between SBLI and GRAIL Brings Early Cancer Detection to Select Bank-Owned Life Insurance Customers

WOBURN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI) has launched a new pilot with GRAIL, LLC., a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early when it can be cured, to provide the innovative Galleri® multi-cancer early detection screening test to a select group of its Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) policyholders. This collaboration underscores SBLI’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and medical advancements to support the health and longevity of its customers.

The Galleri test, known for its ability to screen for some of the deadliest cancers before they become symptomatic through a simple blood draw, represents a significant step forward in the early identification and treatment of cancer.

“Our partnership with GRAIL exemplifies SBLI’s ongoing focus on innovation within the insurance sector, both today and looking forward to the future,” said Jim Morgan, president and chief executive officer of SBLI. “GRAIL’s groundbreaking work in early cancer detection aligns perfectly with our mission to foster the health and longevity of our customers. By offering this test, SBLI not only enhances its policy benefits but also affirms our dedication to the well-being of our policyholders.”

The Galleri test will initially be available to select SBLI BOLI policyholders, due to their impact on SBLI’s overall business, their size, and the nature in which the business is underwritten. This pilot phase will enable SBLI to gauge the impact and benefits to its customers, as it contemplates expansion of Galleri to more of its product lines in the future.

“While doctors can screen for five specific cancers today, nearly 70% of cancer deaths are caused by cancers without recommended screening,” said Josh Ofman, MD, MSHS, president at GRAIL. “We applaud SBLI’s leadership for their commitment to health and longevity by offering innovative cutting-edge screening technology and medical advancements like our first-of-its-kind Galleri test.”

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About Galleri®

The Galleri multi-cancer early detection test is a new proactive tool to screen for cancer. It is a blood test that can help screen for many of the deadliest cancers that don’t have recommended screening today, such as pancreatic, esophageal, ovarian, and liver.* The Galleri test can identify DNA shed by cancer cells (unique “fingerprints”) to screen for some of the deadliest cancers before they become symptomatic, when cancer may be more easily treated and potentially curable. The Galleri test provides direction to doctors on the cancer’s origin and helps guide next steps for diagnosis. The Galleri test requires a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider and should be used in addition to recommended cancer screenings such as mammography, colonoscopy, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, or cervical cancer screening. It is recommended for people over the age of 50, or those with an elevated risk for cancer due to genetics, family history, environmental exposure, or other risk factors.**

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*Editor’s note: Sensitivity in study participants with –

Pancreas cancer: 83.7% overall (61.9% stage I, 60.0% stage II, 85.7% stage III, 95.9% stage IV). Esophagus cancer: 85.0% overall (12.5% stage I, 64.7% stage II, 94.7% stage III, 100% stage IV). Ovary cancer: 83.1% overall (50.0% stage I, 80.0% stage II, 87.1% stage III, 94.7% stage IV). Liver/bile duct cancer: 93.5% overall (100% stage I, 70.0% stage II, 100% stage III, 100% stage IV).

** Galleri has not been studied in people under 50 years of age with additional risk factors.

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