Robin Transforms Office Dynamics With Next-Generation Room, Desk, and Analytics Solution

Leveraging its AI, Robin becomes the ultimate office automation tool for employees and provides employers with the industry’s most accurate data to spot workplace trends and plan for the future

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As hybrid work becomes the standard workplace model for most organizations, employees are returning to the office in droves – and with them, so is a spike in all the things that come with a busy workplace. According to recent Robin data on office trends, there has been a 20 percent increase in desk bookings in the first half of the year and guest visits are up 141 percent since January. Having already helped thousands of brands and more than a million employees plan their time in the office and book desk and meeting space, Robin, the leading hybrid workplace company, today announced its next phase of automated workplace solutions. The solutions act as an automated workplace assistant, providing the workforce and leaders with the tools they need to be productive throughout the day.

Robin’s AI, announced earlier this year, is the driving technology that enables deep personalization for each employee – knowing seating and meeting room preferences, helping with equipment and catering needs, and assisting with office visitors. For administrators, it delivers greater data accuracy so leadership can better monitor how its hybrid work strategy is performing and make adjustments when and as needed. Recently released, Robin’s smart room booking analyzes meeting room patterns and preferences to provide space recommendations – no more guesswork or sifting through room options. Soon, the same personalization will become available for smart desk booking, freeing up time for employees to work on what is needed for the business rather than wasting time organizing their day at the office.

“Hybrid has become the norm for most organizations today, but many employers and employees are still struggling with it,” Micah Remley, Chief Executive Officer, Robin said. “One of the primary challenges is that neither have the planning tools to be successful. Hybrid work requires constant context switching, which means that automation and ease of use are key components to any strategy. At Robin we are tackling this challenge head on by creating the most automated and flexible resource booking platform that supports end-to-end experiences in the workplace, eliminating IT headaches and providing a consolidated platform for employees to book anything they need at the office.”

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