Redpoint Composable CDP Delivers Revenue-Generating, Personalized Customer Experiences for Customers, Powered by Snowflake

WELLESLEY, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The composable Redpoint CDP on Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud delivers significant results in terms of speed-to-value for delivering personalized experiences with a single customer view. Customers are using the Redpoint CDP on Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud as the fastest, least disruptive way to maximize both customer data value and existing MarTech value.

“The fusion of Redpoint’s cutting-edge CDP and Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud is revolutionizing the way businesses leverage customer data. Together, we’re breaking down data silos and delivering unparalleled performance and adaptability, bringing applications directly to the data for real-time insights and action,” said Ian Clayton, Redpoint Global Chief Product Officer.

Unlike traditional SaaS CDP vendors, the Redpoint composable CDP offers a data-in-place, adaptable deployment that natively operates on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, using Snowflake as its primary customer database. This provides the most complete CDP functionality available as SaaS with zero data replication, giving brands complete control of their data in Snowflake. As Redpoint works directly with everything in a Snowflake environment – data, AI, machine learning, analytics, BI and reporting tools, the Snowflake partner ecosystem and end channels – customers significantly shorten time to value, while still reaping the benefits of pristine data used to unlock current and emerging use cases like GenAI chatbots that require a high-quality data foundation.

“Capgemini and Redpoint have collaborated to deliver the Redpoint CDP seamlessly integrated with Snowflake at a renowned global hospitality company offering high-end accommodations, entertainment, and gaming at its resorts around the world. With Redpoint providing a pristine ‘single customer view’ CDP and Snowflake providing a high performance AI Data Cloud Platform, the combination has empowered the brand to boost revenues with minimal cost by enabling a superior customer experience – the right message sent at the right time via the right channel to every one of its customers,” said Rajiv Chhatwal, Senior Manager of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Capgemini, a global consulting and digital transformation company.

Companies are increasingly adopting Snowflake to optimize use of their marketing technology stacks, lowering costs while increasing effectiveness with regard to making the best use of enterprise data. Redpoint is the only enterprise CDP that performs the full breadth of capabilities directly in Snowflake. With no data replication, Redpoint provides an industry-leading unified view of the customer for activation to any end point and for any use case.

The industry leading applications of today are Powered by Snowflake. By building applications on Snowflake, product and engineering teams are able to develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers, as well as provide builders with access to resources to help them design, market, and operate their applications in the AI Data Cloud. To learn more about how organizations are building next gen apps on Snowflake, click here.

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Ken Murphy