Profitero Launches Industry’s First Chat-Based AI Assistant Integrated with Commerce Analytics

“Ask Profitero” democratizes digital shelf optimization for brands by making complex data analysis and content generation as easy as having a conversation

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global commerce acceleration company Profitero today announced the launch of “Ask Profitero,” a chat-based assistant that combines generative AI and commerce analytics so brands can quickly democratize digital shelf optimization at scale.

Today, brands often struggle to activate their valuable retail performance data due to the need for extensive analytical skills and resources. Using the latest conversational models, Ask Profitero converts detailed reports into simple, actionable insights accessible to anyone through their AI assistant. Omnichannel commerce teams can use the solution to query their closed instance of Profitero’s commerce intelligence offering, including digital shelf analytics for 1,000 global retailers, Amazon market share data, and predictive content optimization insights.

“Given the overwhelming amount of product and retailer data available, we must optimize how we analyze, visualize and make decisions,” said Todd Hassenfelt, Global Digital Commerce Director, Strategy & Execution at Colgate-Palmolive. “Profitero’s incredibly clever, well engineered application of generative AI helps brands of any size quickly discover actionable insights without being burdened by complex reports, all while balancing the needs of data privacy. This tool has the potential to help digital leaders elevate their companies’ understanding of commerce performance to assist in unlocking investment for successful strategies.”

Ask Profitero performs two primary capabilities – quickly curating actionable insights from digital shelf and market share data as well as producing AI generated content for retailer websites from Profitero’s trusted predictive analytics suite, all within the brand’s private environment. For example, a sales manager can use Ask Profitero to easily understand all products losing market share and identify the root causes, such as issues with product availability, search or negative reviews, while at the same time isolating the factors causing competitors to gain share. A marketer can swiftly identify top searched-for keywords in their category and in minutes, generate optimized titles to boost organic search rank and conversion. Innovation teams can rapidly synthesize consumer reviews to surface new product ideas.

“AI is only as smart as the data you feed it. At Profitero, we have the advantage of being able to build an incredibly smart and reliable solution because we’re starting with our best in class analytics from more than 1,000 retailers in more than 50 countries,” said Bryan Wiener, Profitero’s CEO. “Combining our data quality and scale with AI’s ability to simplify complex data will drive transformative growth for brands.”

About Profitero

Profitero is the leading global commerce acceleration company offering a flexible suite of intelligence-driven solutions so that brands can grow profitably. Their integrated digital shelf analytics, shelf-intelligent activation and advisory services empower brands to optimize product availability, discoverability, and maximize conversions across 1000+ retailers in 50 countries. Profitero’s Open Commerce Ecosystem makes it possible for retailers, agencies and tech providers to combine digital shelf data insights with their own solutions, eliminating data gaps and unlocking incremental value for brands. To learn more, visit


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