O’Reilly Launches Digital Badges for Expert-Led Learning and Training Platform

New digital badging program enables IT professionals to merchandise their skills as demand for high-skill technical roles grows

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#badgesO’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the launch of a new digital badging program that uses the Open Badges 2.0 standard to provide learners with a verifiable and shareable record of the technological skills they’ve acquired. Learners who complete 80% or more of any course available on the O’Reilly learning platform will earn a digital badge along with a certificate of completion. For courses that include a skills assessment, learners must score 70% or higher to unlock a completion badge.

Recognized as one of the most comprehensive and digitally responsive solutions for technology teams looking to build skills within their organizations, the O’Reilly learning platform is trusted by more than 5,000 organizations around the world. With a library of 5,000+ expert-led live and on-demand courses, O’Reilly’s offerings cover a variety of tech roles, including the 30+ most-in-demand tech roles mapped out to make the discovery easy. Course content ranges from beginner level to deep dives to help teams grasp the most needed technologies. The O’Reilly learning platform also includes content from some of the biggest publishers in the world, such as Harvard Business Review, Pearson, Wiley, and Packt.

“For employers who want to keep pace with today’s breakneck pace of technical innovation, staying up-to-date with the most in-demand and valuable skills is essential,” said Laura Baldwin, president at O’Reilly. “O’Reilly’s digital badges provide verifiable proof of your team’s accomplishments to keep them motivated and rewarded for continued learning. The badges are portable and easy to share, allowing learners to showcase their skill in an email, on their LinkedIn profile, across other social media platforms, and more.”

Badges are becoming an increasingly popular method for verifying an individual’s knowledge and skills; 87% of executives and 90% of HR executives believe people who hold credentials like badges bring value to the workplace. Because skills training and upskilling opportunities have risen in popularity as benefits that candidates seek, employers can attract and retain key talent by offering ongoing learning opportunities, including the ability to acquire badges.

In partnership with Credly, O’Reilly digital badges provide verifiable proof of skills acquisition for IT professionals who are striving for upward mobility and for employers who are searching for talent with highly desirable technical skills. Upon accepting a badge on both the O’Reilly platform and Credly’s site, the badge and its associated certificate can be embedded and shared in email, as well as across LinkedIn and other social media platforms, to demonstrate skill proficiency in key areas like AI.

O’Reilly completion badges are built on the Open Badges 2.0 standard to record and verify badges. Along with enhancing the security and transparency of the badges, the Open Badges standard embeds metadata that provides details on which specific skills were learned and when the course was completed. Employers can also download a course completion report to view which courses their teams are actively learning from and track which employees have earned badges for an associated course completion.

The initial launch of O’Reilly digital badging program is available to teams and enterprise subscribers.

For more information about O’Reilly’s digital badges program, please visit: https://www.oreilly.com/online-learning/badges.html.

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Katie Leonowitz

fama PR for O’Reilly