Notarize Expands Notary Sourced Transaction Offering to 12 New States, Giving Notaries a Free Platform to Serve Their Own Customers

Launch in 12 New States Gives Simple, Secure, and Compliant Software to Hundreds of Thousands of Notaries, Freeing Them From Paper-Based Processes

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Notarize, the pioneer and market leader in online notarization, today announced the expansion of Notary Sourced Transactions (NST) to 12 additional states. The Notary- Sourced Transactions (NST) offering gives America’s notaries access to the Notarize℠ platform to complete their own transactions via software that is simpler, smarter, and safer than the traditional paper-based process. Joining Tennessee and Washington, notaries in the following states will now be able to take their independent businesses completely digital by providing online notarization services for their own customers: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The expansion into these additional states gives hundreds of thousands of notaries a full suite of digital tools to execute transactions, which results in more flexibility, earning potential, and opportunity for advancement as they continue to grow, scale, and elevate their businesses. America’s commissioned notaries have long been relegated to pen, paper and ink pads and must print, transport and ship massive amounts of paper as a core function of their role, but now with Notarize’s expanded NST offering, they’re ushered into the fully digital era to best serve their customers efficiently, securely, and with fewer errors. Notaries can experience cost and time savings and increased flexibility of hours due to the convenience of an always-online platform.

“Digital transformation too often means eliminating the critical roles that people play. At Notarize, we believe notaries are crucial to the economy, their communities, and every signer that they serve, and our mission is to give them superpowers to reach more people and to provide safer, more effective, and more enjoyable service online,” said Pat Kinsel, CEO of Notarize. “Notaries embody the best of the entrepreneurial spirit, and we’re confident the expansion of our digital platform will give these millions of small and independent business owners the tools they need to thrive in today and tomorrow’s economy.”

Platform Pricing and Key Features:

Effective today (6/2/2022) through year end (12/31/22), notaries utilizing the platform’s Notary Sourced Transaction (NST) offering will do so completely free of charge while continuing to set their own pricing and payment structures for their existing customers that comply with state-specific parameters.

Notaries Utilizing NST Experience a Robust, Compliance-Focused Feature Suite:

Quick Stamp℠ (State-Compliant Notary Template) which tracks state-specific required elements in the notarial certificate, helping ensure notaries are compliant every time they sign onto the platform. Notary-Compliant Meeting Checklist which automates state-specific alerts if certain elements of a transaction are missing or incomplete, enhancing compliance and reducing errors for each signing and transaction.

In-Meeting Chat which embeds a chat feature into each web-based video session to enable enhanced accessibility for individuals with hearing and speech impairments, and provides a secondary fall-back option if technical issues are experienced, and generates compliant video and text transcripts after the session is complete. (currently excludes real estate transactions)

“As an early adopter, I have seen firsthand the power RON has delivered to notaries here in Montana and across the country to expand their services online,” said Lori Hamm, Notary Program Administrator, Montana Office of the Secretary of State. “Notarize’s 12 state expansion will give notaries across the country much needed access to a comprehensive and compliant solution to help grow their businesses and serve more people.”

Learn more, sign up now, or join the waitlist for forthcoming states at

About Notarize

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