nirvanaHealth’s Payer & PBM business suite, Aria will go live during open enrollment this year and launch on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

nirvanaHealth announces that Aria, the Payer & PBM business suite that will empower Payers & PBMs to design their own business solutions, will be available on Microsoft Azure and in the Azure Marketplace with a “try and buy” mode.

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–nirvanaHealth announces that Aria, the Payer & PBM business suite that will empower Payers & PBMs to design their own business solutions, will be available on Microsoft Azure and in the Azure Marketplace with a “try and buy” mode. nirvanaHealth is modernizing complex administrative & clinical operations for Payers & PBMs by offering thirty different modules as a one-stop-shop Payer & PBM business suite. Aria for Microsoft Azure is a build-your-own centralized digital workspace for Payer & PBM operations.

“Similar to the impact that Microsoft 365 has on office productivity, nirvanaHealth’s Aria solution for Microsoft Azure will modernize the Payer & PBM space and provide that same efficiency and self-sufficiency to health insurers and PBMs,” says Ravi Ika, CEO & President of nirvanaHealth.

With Aria for Microsoft Azure, Payers & PBMs can custom design their business solutions with Aria’s 30+ different modules. Some of the Payer modules include Product, Benefits & Pricing Builder, Multichannel Sales Automation, Enrollment, Billing, Commissions, Utilization Management, Medical Claims Processing, Financial Lifecycle Management, Self-Service Portals & Apps, Membership, Payment, Risk Adjustment with Government Entities, Prospective Quality Management, and Value-Based Care Management. These modules can integrate seamlessly with any payer existing platforms, vendor systems, and workflows and can modernize department-by-department activities. Aria also has built-in trading partner connectivity to external entities such as PBMs and vendors for lab, dental, vision, and more.

“With the introduction of Aria onto the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, Payers & PBMs can benefit from the flexibility and business user empowerment that Aria provides. Organizations can take advantage of the mapping, data conversion, interoperability tools, and frameworks Microsoft solutions offer in a public cloud environment,” says Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice President of Global Healthcare and Life Sciences at Microsoft.

By empowering Payers & PBMs with these solutions, they can implement and scale according to their own unique needs without involving several external, disjointed entities and platforms. As a result, Payers can create their own self-constructed solutions to suit their unique business needs. Additionally, these modules leverage Aria’s intelligent process automation (IPA) bots to deploy a digital workforce that automates a majority of Payer transactional functions and all PBM transactional functions. Altogether, Aria ensures that Payers & PBMs reach optimal efficiency and meet tough regulatory compliance needs.

Inspired by Microsoft’s journey, John Sculley, former Apple CEO and current nirvanaHealth Chairperson, says, “Back in the day, when you purchased a laptop, you needed a technician to install and configure your operating system and productivity software for you. Now, it’s all about self-installation and configuration through cloud. We have incorporated that same build-your-own experience into Aria for Payers & PBMs.” With Aria for Microsoft Azure, Payers & PBMs can self-configure and deploy their own custom platform business solutions.

As a self-constructed custom solution, Aria eliminates the need to go through the time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive 2–3-year platform modernization process, which includes extensive RFP & due diligence, contracting, and implementation. With user-configurability, self-sufficiency, and business flexibility in mind, Aria can handle all lines of business for payers and PBMs: Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, Duals, Exchange, and ASO; State FFS Medicaid Organizations, CMS FFS Medicare, VA and TriCare. The nirvanaHealth R&D team will constantly modernize its platform to integrate & evolve with Microsoft tools and technologies to create the industry-standard solution.

As part of this initiative, nirvanaHealth and Microsoft sales teams are committed to developing the go-to-market strategy to expand their market share in the PBM & Payer industry. An assisted deployment of nirvanaHealth’s Aria platform will go live during this open enrollment for a Managed Medicare, Managed Medicaid, and an Exchange (ACA) customer. A try-and-buy trial version is expected to be available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in the coming months.

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