Motus announces survey findings revealing what mobile workers want most out of their vehicle reimbursements

Motus findings show employees desire personalization and control

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Motus, the definitive leader of vehicle reimbursement and risk mitigation solutions for businesses that rely on the business use of employees’ vehicles, today released their Driver Data Report. This report shares what employees want most out of their reimbursement programs. Using data from over 1,600 mobile workers across industries including retail, construction, and food and beverage, the report offers valuable insight into customer preferences, behaviors, and satisfaction levels, providing businesses with actionable data to enhance services and customer experience.

Key findings from the survey include:

Nearly 60% of respondents prefer driving roles where they can choose what kind of car to drive

68% of employees check their business mileage daily

Nearly 70% of employees submit their expenses via phone

Today’s employees have a desire for personalization and control in their work environment which can empower them to make decisions that increase their job satisfaction and overall wellbeing and productivity. If employers enable employees to have more control and personalization, it can also positively impact recruitment and retention for the company.

Additionally, a recent Harris Poll found that over 65% of working Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. This sheds light on why employees are actively checking business mileage on a daily basis. Submitting accurate mileage logs and receiving accurate reimbursements from their employers stands to make a serious impact on their lives.

The result of nearly 70% of employees submitting their expenses via their phone shows a significant shift in the way employees engage with technology. Especially with the incoming Gen Z workforce, companies must evolve to a mobile-centric management process. Company leaders must upgrade their app interface to meet these new expectations. Streamlining the in-app experience will simplify the process, reduce errors, and expedite reimbursement.

“It’s clear that today’s mobile workforce craves agility and more control over what they drive and how they submit and track expenses,” said Lori Christiansen, Vice President, Marketing, Motus. “We’re pleased that the findings show that nearly 88% of respondents feel Motus makes submitting business mileage fast and easy. We’re constantly tapping into the evolving needs and preferences of our customers so we can continue to innovate in a way that will best serve our customers and their employees.”

Motus empowers companies with comprehensive visibility and control over their vehicle reimbursements and risks, enhancing employee satisfaction through tax-advantaged reimbursement programs. With a superior service and support team, Motus proactively optimizes each program to deliver IRS-compliant savings. Trusted by companies to help them reach their vehicle reimbursement goals and navigate change management, Motus recognizes the evolving landscape where people’s devices and vehicles are crucial to their jobs. Motus tailors reimbursements for the modern workforce, enabling companies to attract top talent.

By fostering equitable workforce solutions, Motus allows both employees and companies to thrive in the present and future of work.

To learn more, the full report can be found here.