Metaplane Raises $8.4m to Ensure Organizational Trust in Data

Founded by MIT and HubSpot engineers, Metaplane has raised $8.4m for its data observability product to enable organizations to trust their data

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Metaplane announced a $8.4M seed round. Khosla Ventures led the round with participation from Flybridge Ventures, Stage 2 Capital, and several angels including the founders of HubSpot, Okta, and Vercel. Metaplane was founded by Kevin Hu, who holds a PhD in data visualization and machine learning from MIT, and Peter Casinelli and Guru Mahendran, who were founding engineers on the HubSpot CRM. Together, the team has published widely-reviewed papers in data and built several tools for data teams before their current mission of enabling organizations to trust their data.

“Every day, as data teams do the hard work of helping companies succeed, they get cut by a double-edged sword: when data is used in critical paths, the stakes for data quality are raised,” shared Metaplane’s Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Hu. “While there are great tools like Datadog for observing software, there has been a lack of tools for observing data itself.”

Metaplane’s data observability platform offers data teams a better solution for discovering and acting on data issues before they affect stakeholders downstream. It automatically monitors modern data stacks from warehouses to BI dashboards, identifies normal behavior (e.g. lineage, volumes, distributions, freshness), and then alerts the right people when anomalies arise.

Metaplane has over 100 teams using its product to discover, debug, and mitigate data issues, including teams at Imperfect Foods, Mux, and Reforge. The product is self-serve — allowing data and analytics engineers to connect their data sources and start monitoring in less than 30 minutes.

“Data observability is becoming a must-have as businesses continue to leverage data to drive revenue and reduce costs,” said Kanu Gulati, partner at Khosla Ventures. “Already, we are seeing teams from small startups to public enterprises adopt Metaplane within minutes, with remarkable retention and customer love across all segments. We are excited to be working with this team to ensure organizations can have trust in their data to drive better business outcomes.”

Release Summary

Founded by MIT and HubSpot engineers, Metaplane has raised $8.4m for its data observability product to enable organizations to trust their data.

About Metaplane

Metaplane is the Datadog for Data. Data teams at high-growth companies (like Imperfect Foods, Mux, and Reforge) use the Metaplane data observability platform to save engineering time and increase trust in data by understanding when things break, what went wrong, and how to fix it — before an executive messages them about a broken dashboard.


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