Metaplane Announces Major Update to Monitoring Capabilities

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metaplane, a leading data observability platform, today announced significant updates to its software, including a groundbreaking transformation to its data monitoring capabilities. The update includes several new features, including a comprehensive redesign of the monitoring UI, enhanced insight into the metadata of every table in a warehouse, and more performant and accurate data modeling.

The new interface boasts enhanced user-friendliness, simplified workflows, and improved contextual information, empowering users to efficiently identify and resolve data issues. “These updates take an already simple product and streamline the process even further,” says Daniel Corley, a Sr. Data Analytics Engineer at SpotOn. “Proactively monitoring our warehouse allows for faster insights, all while navigating the blazingly fast UI. Metaplane has helped us take the guesswork out of data observability.”

Metaplane has also expanded its data monitoring capabilities for Snowflake customers, providing visibility into the freshness and row count for every table in their database, not just the ones they choose to monitor. This valuable metadata ensures that users can easily delve into unmonitored data whenever necessary and eliminates the typical 3-5 day training period for adding new row count and freshness monitors, allowing users to start monitoring data instantly.

In addition, Metaplane’s update introduces a more powerful and intuitive way to monitor segments of data within a table. Metaplane now offers a highly customizable query builder that enables users to write complex SQL queries to determine the segments of data within a table they wish to apply Metaplane’s machine learning modeling to.

A key highlight of the update is the significant enhancement to Metaplane’s architecture to be more performant and flexible, enabling accelerated development of new monitor types and capabilities. This commitment to innovation ensures that users will continue to benefit from the Metaplane platform as it evolves.

“We’re committed to long-term success and building a platform that genuinely serves our customers’ needs,” said Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane. “By investing in this fundamental re-architecting of our monitoring capabilities, we are solidifying Metaplane’s position as the go-to platform for data observability for teams of all sizes.”

Data teams at high-growth companies (like Bose, Vendr, and Fair Trade USA) use the Metaplane data observability platform to save engineering time and increase trust in data by understanding when things break, what went wrong, and how to fix it — before a message about a broken dashboard.

About Metaplane

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Brandon Chen