Massachusetts Innovation Network Announces the 2022 Global Eddies Innovation Showcase

LINCOLN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#innovation–Massachusetts Innovation Network is excited to announce its Global Eddies Showcase; an initial virtual debut of international start-ups to the US market. Eight companies will be present their technology and host one-to-one meetings in their virtual exhibit rooms on Tuesday, March 22, at 11:30 am EDT:

Dyania Health (Athens, Greece): a deeptech clinical technology company; their core technology is proprietary clinical natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that extract and structure relevant data from typed unstructured fee text in medical reports and patient histories (physical notes, pathology reports, and radiology notes). The algorithms are specialized for therapeutic areas treating oncology and autoimmune diseases and feature a proprietary temporal awareness component to determine patient journeys and disease progression over time.

Gasgon Medical (Cork, Ireland) makes AirVault, the world’s first single-use aspirator that removes air bubbles from intravenous (IV) infusions as a closed system. IV is the most common invasive therapy in healthcare, and interruptions due to bubbles in the IV lines are frequent. Gasgon Medical solves the problem of disruptive, manual-based bubble removal, reducing the risk of infections for patient and toxic fluid exposure for hospital workers. Already working with hospitals across Ireland, the company will be launching its U.S. operations in Q4 2022.

Gondola Medical Technologies – a Swiss MedTech company- has developed Gondola® AMPS (Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation), a breakthrough therapy effective in improving gait in patients affected by Parkinson’s disease. AMPS improves patients’ walking and overall balance, improving the management of motor blocks and freezing of gait. Gondola’s R&D team is working to make the Gondola AMPS therapy a standard of care in treating walking and balance impairments due to neurological conditions.

LightSpace 3D (Riga, Latvia) has created the first multi-focal VR/AR eyewear headsets that use multiple screens for eye accommodation that comes as close to natural viewing as possible. Named by the company “Optical Reality,” the AR/VR headset can overlay photorealistic, real-time patient data, enhancing the viewer’s ability to diagnose, treat, and perform high-precision surgery.

Greek Magos VR Gloves enable lifelike interactions through touch sensations via the user’s fingers in XR. Their unique approach (patent pending) combines H/W (pair of gloves) and S/W (integration services with 3rd party solutions) components resulting in high data accuracy and reliability of the finger tracking.

Sannula Safe MedTech (Amman, Jordan) creates Sannula: the safety cannula – solves the 3 main problems of cannulation: Needle-stick injury, Undesirable Blood Backflow, and Vein Rapture. Unlike its competitors, Sannula addresses all these problems with one product that reduces the risk of injury of health care providers, improved patient experience, and reduced costs for hospitals and clinics.

Searover (Izmir, Turkey) provides AI, IoT and robotics solutions for 24/7 monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance energy and underwater assets. Searover’s high quality data and analysis tools enable safe asset management and risk reduction, in a completely automated, digitized environment. Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) maximizes overall accuracy and integrity in an efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and safe manner.

​Zaya AI (Bucharest, Romania) develops cutting-edge proprietary clinical grade software, tailored to pathology; it achieves results on par with experts, with an accuracy beyond current standards. One of their products is a plug-and-play AI solution to detect the bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis in whole slide tissue images.

Mr. Mark F. Sullivan, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) will deliver the Welcome Address and provide an overview of the support mechanisms available to assist their transition to the US.

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