Madaket Health Partners with andros to Streamline Credentialing and Network Management

Madaket and andros to share complementary technology solutions

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Madaket Health, a cloud-based healthcare platform that simplifies administrative data exchange between payers and providers, today announced the addition of automated primary source verification (PSV) to its platform capabilities through a new partnership with andros, the only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform. andros will automate PSV, an important aspect of credentialing, for Madaket’s provider customers. In exchange, Madaket will automate provider enrollment for andros payers, telehealth providers, and governmental entities who partner with andros.

PSV is a time-consuming process mandatory for all provider organizations hiring and onboarding clinicians to prove they possess the required credentials to practice medicine. In PSV, provider organizations communicate directly with schools, boards, individuals, and other organizations to verify their new clinician’s licenses, degrees, training, peer references, certifications and more. Though many aspects of this process are digitized, much of the process is still manual, requiring staff time to individually contact organizations, search databases, and cross-check records. Meanwhile, new clinicians cannot bill payers for services until all credentials have been verified. By automating PSV through andros, Madaket helps providers more quickly obtain the information they need from original sources, cut down on the often months-long credentialing process, and get new clinicians practicing and billing sooner.

“Credentialing is a notoriously slow process made more disorganized by human error when it doesn’t have to be,” said Rob Bradley, VP of Channel Management for Madaket Health. “We’ve already automated many steps of credentialing for our providers, and we’re excited to work with andros to fill in the missing piece of PSV. Our aim, as with anyone we partner with, is to save time and generate revenue faster for every organization in the healthcare ecosystem.”

In addition to credentialing, provider enrollment is another tedious task that slows down healthcare administration. For organizations building robust clinician networks, such as payers or telehealth providers, enrolling clinicians into those networks requires regular management of provider data. Leveraged by andros, Madaket’s Provider Data Exchange (PDX) platform enables a more centralized repository of up-to-date, accurate provider data and automates transactions between clinicians and other entities for smoother, more efficient data exchange.

“We are now one step closer to our mission of creating dynamic, thriving healthcare networks by elevating our technology with Madaket,” said Mike Simmons, CEO for andros. “With Madaket’s platform, we can streamline the lifecycle of provider network management and simplify these administrative processes end to end.”

To learn more about Madaket’s PDX platform and solutions, visit the website.

About Madaket Health

Madaket Health is the leader in automated, intuitive provider data management. Madaket’s SaaS-based provider data exchange platform, PDX, enables easier, faster, and more accurate governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) functions between payers and providers by serving as both a hub of provider data, plus analytics, and an engine for processing transactions. Leading revenue cycle management systems, provider networks, and health plans throughout the country use Madaket’s PDX to work together more seamlessly, saving them all time and money. Madaket has processed transactions on behalf of more than 70% of provider groups in the U.S. through its customers and partners, chipping away at the billions of dollars in administrative waste in the provider data marketplace. To learn more, visit

About andros

andros is the first and only technology company to provide healthcare network development and credentialing services in one platform. By using technology to help health insurance companies rapidly scale their networks in new regions and specialties, andros is accelerating access to care for patients and giving doctors a clear path to insurance certification and payment. Founded in 2013 as CredSimple, andros was created following the acquisition of Glenridge Health in 2020. The company’s track record includes building new regional networks and practice areas for the country’s leading health insurance providers, government entities, and telehealth companies. andros is continually raising the bar for credentialing timelines and onboarding—a critical but unsung component to ensuring patients get seen, doctors get paid, and administrative barriers to care are removed as quickly as possible. To find out more, visit


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