LLC vs S Corp (2022) Comparison Published by Compare Before Buying

A comparison between LLC vs S Corp company structures, along with a list of the best business formation services in the U.S., published by Compare Before Buying

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Choosing the right legal structure and tax classification is essential to a business’ success. An LLC is a legal structure that protects the owner’s personal assets from the business’ liabilities. S corp is a tax classification that has advantages over LLCs taxed as sole proprietorships and partnerships. Listed below are the best business formation services in the country.

Best LLC Formation and S Corp Services:

Incfile – offers affordable business formation packages including LLC, C corp, S corp and non-profits

Northwest – considered the best in customer service, along with clear and concise pricing on their packages

The most important factor to consider for those thinking of electing S corp status for their LLC is the profit earned by the business. Generally, if the business can pay the owner a reasonable compensation and the business still has a significant enough amount left in distributions after payroll, it can benefit from having an S corp status. There are more important factors and considerations that need can be found in the LLC vs S corp comparison at

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