LinkSquares Launches Artificial Intelligence for Contract Review

New AI-powered contract review capabilities speed negotiations, eliminate time-consuming processes

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LinkSquares, provider of the fastest and most comprehensive AI-powered contract lifecycle management and analysis tool, today announced new artificial intelligence capabilities for LinkSquares Finalize, its pre-signature technology. With AI-Powered Contract Review in LinkSquares Finalize, general counsels and legal teams can automate reviews and surface critical information from contracts to accelerate deals, minimize risk, and decrease manual processes. By extending the power of LinkSquares’ AI from Analyze, LinkSquares’ post-signature tool, into Finalize, LinkSquares now offers the first end-to-end AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform.

Legal departments and procurement teams routinely review third-party contracts to identify terms and clauses that could introduce risk to their organization. Legal teams often have to manually read through each term in lengthy external contracts, and comparing third-party language to in-house terms can make the process even more time-consuming. The AI-Powered Contract Review in Finalize helps legal and procurement professionals automate the first pass of contract reviews, eliminating manual reviews and focusing teams on critical terms of negotiation.

AI-Powered Contract Review helps legal teams:

Quickly surface clauses that require attention and speed the contracting process

Eliminate manual reviews and time-consuming processes to focus on negotiations and high-value strategy instead

Minimize risk with the assurance that legal teams have reviewed every important term and clause within third-party contracts

“General counsels, chief legal officers and legal teams are using the power of AI across contract analysis, management and review to accelerate their function and strategically transform their businesses,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares. “The new AI capabilities in LinkSquares Finalize is one of the first approaches to grant contract stakeholders more insights and data than any other pre-signature solution.”

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About LinkSquares: LinkSquares is the first end-to-end AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform providing legal teams with the tools and insights they need to move business forward faster. Customers have everything they need to write and execute contracts faster, analyze what’s in existing contracts, and collaborate better with their team. LinkSquares differs from other platforms in the market with its powerful AI insights, speed to tangible results through flexible automation, and ability to centralize everything for better visibility and collaboration. For more information, visit



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