KaiPod Learning Opens Application Cycle for the Catalyst Program

28-Week Education Startup Accelerator Program Empowers the Launch of Microschools Nationwide

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KaiPod Learning is launching their second cohort of the KaiPod Catalyst program today by inviting education entrepreneurs, community leaders, and anyone passionate about education to be part of an inspiring community of founders working towards launching microschools. KaiPod Catalyst will accept new applications for their highly selective accelerator program until Oct 13, 2023. Applications are available at https://www.kaipodlearning.com/kaipod-catalyst, and anyone interested in receiving expert guidance to develop a microschool in their community in the 2024-25 school year should apply.

“The power of KaiPod Catalyst is that we are changing what school looks like and where it is happening,” says Amar Kumar founder and CEO of KaiPod Learning. “Our cohorts of microschool founders reflect the faces of school diversification and creativity. These founders are opening up education options everywhere in the U.S. so having a choice in our children’s education is not just available to the wealthy or in particular states.”

KaiPod Learning is building a national network of education entrepreneurs launching microschools and alternative learning facilities. KaiPod Catalyst is a first-of-its-kind microschool accelerator that helps educators go from idea to launch.

The KaiPod Catalyst Program

The founders accepted into the 28-week program will receive support through the progress of building the program, recruiting new students, launching through the back-to-school process, and ongoing support. Compared to the first Catalyst cohort, KaiPod Learning is extending the program to 28 weeks for this second group of founders, starting significantly earlier to maximize the time founders have to get from their vision to a launched and fully enrolled microschool in their community by the 2024-25 school year.

First Cohort of Founders

In 2023, the first cohort included several visionary founders realizing their dreams of providing alternative education options in their communities. These founders, composed of teachers and community leaders, have successfully launched several new microschools this fall.

“For founders who are considering going down the path of opening a microschool and have an idea, Catalyst gives you that launching pad by which to really explore it and be lifted up. It’s like that Newton quote; ‘We have the luxury of standing on the shoulders of giants,’” said Andrew Nippert, KaiPod Catalyst participant who co-founded The Gathering, a unique microschool for homeschooled learners in Afton, MN.

“The wealth of knowledge that you’re going to get as a member of this community is something that you really can’t put a price tag on,” said Isis Spann, founder of A Home for School in Moncks Corner, SC.

“If I’m going to invest in my business and myself, I like that the Catalyst program is also investing in me and believing in me. Knowing that I can always count on someone to come and support me is incredible,” said Mercedes Grant, founder of Path of Life Learning, Yorktown, VA.

The Trend Towards Microschools

Fueled by parents’ desire for learning environments that cater to the unique needs of their children, microschools have reached unprecedented levels of growth and significance. A recent study by National School Choice Week reveals that over 25% of families are actively considering switching schools this year, representing over 12 million children. Simultaneously, many teachers seek alternate career paths that offer improved compensation, work-life balance, and increased influence in shaping students’ lives.

About KaiPod Learning

KaiPod Learning is an education startup that aims to empower parents to choose the right education path for their children. The company operates a network of learning pods and microschools, prioritizing parental choice, flexibility, and academic success. In addition, the company operates KaiPod Catalyst, the nation’s first microschool accelerator, encouraging educators to launch microschools in their communities. KaiPod Learning is a proud semi-finalist of the Yass Prize, recognized for fueling the expansion of education options for families nationwide.

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