IHRDC Announces the Overview of the Energy Transition – a Comprehensive e-Learning Course

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#competency–IHRDC, a seasoned leader in training and competency development for the energy industry for over 55 years, has unveiled a new e-Learning course.

Unlock the Future of Clean Energy and Achieve Sustainability Goals

This course is a “must” for everyone who wishes to learn the essence of the energy transition – executives, managers, technologists, government officials, financiers, teachers and especially those who are actively involved in teaching, planning, supporting, and managing the reduction of carbon emissions. You will discover the scientific evidence of global warming and its impact on our climates, explore the pathways to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and understand the pivotal role of renewable energy and other strategies to provide a sustainable future.

Course Highlights:

The Science Behind Global Warming and Climate Change: Learn how climatologists discovered global warming in the 1990’s and, more recently, the significant impact that greenhouse gas emissions have on our climates.

Insight into the UN Paris Agreement: An overview of the aspirational goals set by the UN Paris Agreement in 2015, aiming for a maximum global warming not to exceed 2°C by 2050, and the commitments made by the 196 countries to achieve these goals.

Energy Evolution: Review the historical trends in energy supply and demand, greenhouse gas emissions, inefficiencies along the value chain, and strategies for emission reductions.

Renewable Energy and Beyond: Learn how the expansion of competitive renewable energy, methane emission reduction, hydrogen production, and carbon capture and storage within 10 geographical regions are projected to achieve a lower-carbon future.

Pathway to Net Zero: Learn how early action and strong support of major countries could allow us to achieve the ambitious net-zero goals by 2050.

Who is this course for?

This e-Learning course is designed for individuals who seek a comprehensive understanding of the energy transition and its implications. Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge on sustainable practices, stay ahead of industry trends, or contribute to a greener future, this course is your gateway to becoming a part of the energy revolution.

Learn Today!

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to actively contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. Be a part of the solution in combating climate change and achieving global sustainability goals. Empower your professional growth with cutting-edge insights into clean energy and sustainability.

Duration of the e-Learning Course: 1hr 20min

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Kathleen McDonnell, IHRDC