Hydrate the Lakehouse in minutes: Snowplow launches on Databricks Partner Connect

Snowplow collaborates with Databricks to introduce fast time to value customer data collection pipeline for Lakehouse users

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Snowplow, the leader in customer data collection, today announced its listing on Databricks Partner Connect, making it easy for Databricks customers to quickly set up a Snowplow pipeline with just a few clicks.

“Innovative brands are learning how to optimize first-party customer data in order to stay ahead of their competition,” said Steve Sobel, Global Industry Leader for Communications, Media & Entertainment at Databricks. “Snowplow joining Partner Connect allows more companies to streamline the ingestion of behavioral event data into the lakehouse to power their analytics and AI and unlock opportunities to deliver next generation customer experiences.”

With Snowplow now a part of the Databricks’ Partner Connect program, the ability to integrate across platforms is easier than ever. Users can now optimize customer acquisition, retention and personalization directly from the Databricks UI with Snowplow for the data lakehouse. These strategies are powered by:

Data collection infrastructure to capture behavioral event data, like Web and Mobile Clickstream and Media streaming, optimized for real-time delivery to the lakehouse

Data quality management and alerting tooling, integrated with Databricks Unity Catalog

Solution accelerators to optimize time-to-value for use cases across Media analytics, Ecommerce analytics and composable CDP

Partner Connect presents a seamless integration for Databricks users to set up a Snowplow pipeline from within the UI of their lakehouse account. This drastically streamlines the setup effort to implement Snowplow’s comprehensive tracking across an organization’s digital interfaces, and reduces the time-to-utilization of AI-Ready data in the lakehouse.

“In the current climate, optimizing customer journeys is crucial to competition, making behavioral analytics across digital interfaces so impactful for our customers,” said Alex Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Snowplow. “We’re thrilled to launch on Partner Connect to make utilization of behavioral events data more convenient and accessible than ever.”

To get started with Snowplow on Partner Connect, schedule a free demo and start expanding the possibilities of Snowplow Media or Ecommerce analytics on your Databricks Lakehouse.

About Snowplow

Snowplow empowers organizations to generate trustworthy, first-party Customer Data to power Marketing and Advertising performance.

1.9+ million sites and applications use Snowplow to generate and model first-party customer data from across their digital interfaces to capture descriptive customer journeys and build actionable first-party Behavioral Profiles. Purposely designed for the data platforms as a single source of truth; Marketers, Data teams and CDPs can activate Snowplow data across Customer 360, Personalization and ML use cases.

With Snowplow, organizations like Strava, Burberry, and Auto Trader reach, engage and win customers, while retaining an industry-leading data governance posture, with full GDPR and CCPA compliance.


Adam Roche