HubStar Launches AI-Powered Space Management Technology to Transform Healthcare Capacity Optimization and Planning

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With capacity management becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers, HubStar – a leader in advanced workplace technology – has introduced new AI-powered space management features which accurately measure and optimize hospital capacity.

Heralded as a significant step forward for the industry, HubStar’s new approach is designed to meet the increasingly challenging daily operational needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

It also meets the industry’s growing demand for secure, unified solutions that analyze data to guide strategic decision making.

Existing capacity management systems typically rely solely on one source of data. HubStar’s new solution goes much further and uses three planes of data, plus patented AI algorithms, to support better decision making.

This approach provides a clear, unified picture of actual occupancy in real time.

Steve Vatidis, HubStar’s Executive Chairman, said: “There is clear recognition that the healthcare sector is not sufficiently optimized. Optimization is especially important for operating theatre scheduling as well as planning and budgeting for current and future capacity.”

He added: “HubStar’s combination of sensor technology and Wi-fi means healthcare facilities can now track the usage of every office and exam room, and accurately identify high demand and lulls in use.”

The launch of HubStar’s space management features follows its recent acquisition of Canadian company Relogix, a leading provider of sensors and workspace occupancy intelligence. Healthcare facilities are already using thousands of Relogix’s occupancy and people counting sensors to optimize space and improve efficiency.

The data gathered through HubStar and Relogix will empower healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care and deliver a better experience for patients and doctors.

Vatidis said: “The combination of Relogix’s industry experience with our new AI-powered solution will completely transform space optimization in healthcare.”

For more information, please visit HubStar for Healthcare.

About HubStar

HubStar is a privately held global company with headquarters in Marlborough, Mass and London, UK. The company provides next-generation workplace technology solutions that drive optimization, collaboration and better workplace experiences. With operations in the US, UK, Europe and APAC, HubStar helps thousands of teams in over 60 countries create dynamic workplaces across diverse industries.

About Relogix

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Relogix is an industry-leading provider of workplace analytics solutions, with a mission to transform the way businesses understand and utilize their workspace. Relogix delivers data-driven insights, facilitating workspace optimization, enhanced productivity, and innovative, growth-oriented environments.


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