Global Consulting Firm Kotter Launches Accelerated Change Roadmap Product

Three-month, intensive solution aligns leadership teams, articulates an ambitious vision of the future, and lays out a clear, actionable path for transformative change

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–International strategy execution and change management firm Kotter has launched a new product to help leadership teams become well-aligned and develop a forward-looking focus for the future. The three-month Accelerated Change Roadmap includes discovery, alignment, roadmap creation, and a behavioral blueprint that builds an actionable path for transformative change.

“In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, change is not just inevitable; it’s the bedrock of growth and innovation,” said Kotter President Russell Raath. “Kotter’s Accelerated Change Roadmap helps leaders struggling to adapt or align their leadership team by building unwavering clarity, steadfast commitment, and an unprecedented sense of confidence for the future.”

Kotter’s Accelerated Change Roadmap includes the following components:

Insightful Discovery: Through surveys and one-on-one conversations with key leaders, Kotter dives deep into an organization’s unique context, identifying both the challenges and opportunities for change.

Strategic Alignment: Kotter brings leaders together for a powerful alignment session that fosters collaboration and sets the stage for a unified vision and a balanced scorecard across the company.

Actionable Roadmap Creation: With a clear understanding of objectives, Kotter develops a forward-looking roadmap, detailing the major milestones and critical workstreams required to achieve transformation goals.

Behavioral Blueprint: Kotter will work together with leaders to articulate the future state of the organization, focusing on the essential “from → to” behaviors, habits, and mindsets that teams need to adopt for lasting change.

To learn more about Kotter’s Accelerated Change Roadmap, visit or reach out to to get started.

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