General Indemnity Group Creates Newly Branded BOSS Bonds Insurance Agency to Be Industry Leading Surety Solutions ‘Hub’

Continues to Enhance Offerings Through Innovative Digital Solutions

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–General Indemnity Group (GIG), a holding company that focuses on the surety insurance sector, announced the rebranding of its recently merged South Coast Surety Insurance Agency to BOSS Bonds Insurance Agency. The re-branding represents the consolidation of the surety agencies that GIG had acquired since 2017, resulting in an agency that offers full-service surety products and solutions to insurance agents and individuals nationwide.

Along with the surety agencies, GIG made the strategic decision to roll SuretyBonds.Market (SBM) up under BOSS Bonds. SBM is the leading technology solution for agents to seamlessly deliver surety bond solutions to clients. This advanced surety portal was meticulously crafted by industry experts to streamline processes and enhance efficiency within the surety sector and throughout the surety value chain.

“While we re-branded our roll up of agency acquisitions into BOSS Bonds, this change really represents the focus and alignment of our services and products to serve agents and customers easily and seamlessly,” said Dave Herman, president of GIG. “Anyone looking for surety products can acquire them effortlessly by going directly to We now offer a one-stop source designed to meet the diverse needs of both consumers and insurance agents nationwide.”

According to Herman, BOSS Bonds is now the hub for comprehensive surety solutions. With over 40 years of experience amongst its agents, BOSS Bonds is licensed in all 50 states with the distinction of being a National Surety Managing General Agency. Its seasoned agents possess unparalleled insight into market preferences for various bonds, from securing the most competitive rates available to leveraging established relationships to secure the best bond programs tailored to a client’s needs.

This important re-brand comes on the heels of GIG’s announcement of strong financial performance in 2023, marking its most successful year since its inception in 2015, and setting the expectation of continued growth for 2024.

“We want to be recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive surety bonds provider that understands and provides agents and customers with what they need easily, even if they have little knowledge about surety bonds,” Herman said. “The BOSS Bonds branding represents a lot more than a new name; it says we understand what you need and are giving you the services and solutions you need with a level of expertise that allows you to be successful. With BOSS Bonds, we strive to continue to lead the industry with comprehensive surety bond products and technological innovation.”

About General Indemnity Group

General Indemnity Group, LLC (“GIG”) is an insurance holding company founded in 2015. It specializes in acquiring and operating companies that underwrite and distribute insurance products. GIG’s current holdings include surety insurance agencies, as well as an “A- Excellent” (AM Best rating) monoline surety insurance company. GIG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation, a public holding company with businesses engaged in diverse activities including advertising, real estate, insurance, broadband and other investments. For more information, visit Learn more about GIG at


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