Former Chief Technology Officer Issues Letter of Apology to Brainwave Science for “Unlawful” and “Dishonest” Actions in Wake of Federal Defense of Trade Secret Injunctions

BOSTON & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Accountability–Brainwave Science acknowledges receipt of a letter of apology from Dr. Thierry Maison regarding his role in an attempted scheme to infringe upon Brainwave’s intellectual property.

The attempted infringement, which involved a legacy version of our software, was contained by way of a preliminary injunction from the United States District Court. Maison was a named a co-defendant in the Theft of Trade Secrets claim brought by Brainwave in the New York Federal District Court (Brainwave Science, Inc. v. Arshee et. al. 21-cv-4402 (BMC) (E.D.N.Y.). In March 2023, Brainwave was awarded Permanent Injunctions, as well as nominal and punitive damages awards aggregating in excess of $750,000.00, against Maison and his co-defendants.

Dr. Maison’s letter filed with the Federal District Court expresses sincere regret for any harm caused and acknowledges his responsibility for the incident. We appreciate Dr. Maison’s willingness to take accountability for his actions and take steps towards making amends. As a company, we value transparency, honesty, and accountability, and we believe that this apology demonstrates those values. We want to assure our customers, stakeholders, and the public that we take all incidents seriously and will always strive to resolve such issues in a fair and timely manner.


Brainwave Science, Inc. is a leading developer of neuroscience-based technology solutions for National Security, Homeland Security, law enforcement, and other applications. The company’s flagship product, iCognative®, uses proprietary P300 science technology to identify the presence or absence of specific information in a person’s brain, providing accurate and reliable intelligence to help solve crimes, prevent terrorist attacks and organized crime. Potential Healthcare and other applications for the technology are presently being developed and explored within sponsored research studies by preeminent international and United States research institutions. Information about our security and investigations applications can be found at For more information about our healthcare and preventative medicine applications visit our affiliate website at

This matter was investigated by Brainwave Science’s Senior Investigator, Raymond Tahir (Former Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation). Brainwave Science, Inc. was represented in its Federal Theft of Trade Secrets claims by Paul Forrest Tomkins, Esq.


Paul Tomkins, In House Counsel: