ESG Forward Launches to Bring ESG Content and Education to Financial Advisors

Subscription platform provides marketing content to help advisors communicate about ESG

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ESG Forward ( launched today as a content and education platform designed to support financial advisors who are authentically integrating ESG and sustainable investing into their practices. ESG Forward provides marketing content that subscribers can customize, brand as their own, and incorporate into their communications.

ESG Forward content includes position papers, blog posts, and infographics on sustainable investing themes, complemented by educational guidance from expert ESG practitioners and organizations. The company is a subsidiary of Longview Strategies, a strategic communications and marketing firm with a focus on finance and sustainability.

“Financial advisors who are new to ESG and sustainable investing are often unsure how to communicate about the discipline and what type of content to generate,” said Evan Zall, CEO of ESG Forward. “Our team has been immersed in sustainable finance communications for over a decade, and we’re excited to bring that expertise to advisors in a new form. Wherever they are in their integration of ESG, we encourage them to stay authentic and transparent, take the time to learn, and market ESG as a true part of their business.”

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data provides insight into investments by exploring factors that are not routinely exposed through traditional financial due diligence, thereby broadening the understanding of the potential value of an investment. Additionally, ESG can be used as an input to inform sustainable investing strategies, creating a path for financial advisors to align clients’ portfolios with their values.

ESG Forward is guided by an advisory board of entrepreneurs and ESG practitioners, including Glenn Grant, Entrepreneur Coach & Chief Visionary at Selfassembled Ventures; Aspen Grant, Managing Partner at Selfassembled Ventures; Blake Underhill, CEO of Industrial Safety and Rescue; and Andrew Wetzel, CFA, Managing Director of Sustainable Investing at F.L. Putnam Investment Management and a leader of CFA Society Boston’s Sustainable Investing Initiative.

“There’s still a lot of confusion about ESG and the nuances between different approaches to sustainable investing,” said Mr. Wetzel. “Advisors need to be able to help guide clients, and that requires understanding the language and separating signal from noise in a complex landscape. ESG Forward is a great new resource in pursuit of that goal.”

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Jessica Henderson

Longview Strategies

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