Engageware Launches Industry’s First Peer Analytics Feature

First-to-market benchmarking capabilities give financial institutions data-driven insights to drive growth by maximizing appointments

TEWKSBURY, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AppointmentSchedulingEngageware, the industry-leading provider of customer engagement solutions, launched Peer Analytics, the industry’s first appointment-scheduling analytics feature engineered to provide Engageware’s bank and credit union customers benchmarking abilities against similar-sized financial institutions.

According to Engageware, 40% of bank and credit union customer interactions were pre-scheduled in 2022. With Peer Analytics, bank and credit union executives can now benchmark appointment scheduling volumes against similar-sized institutions, gaining a greater insight into the institution’s performance relative to the broader market. Benchmarking against peer groups provides an additional layer of insight to ensure institutions are on pace – or exceeding – customer engagements, especially as consumers continue to lean into employee-assisted channels.

Peer Analytics provides data-driven insights, enabling financial institutions to identify new appointment scheduling marketing opportunities, better utilize retail branch staff and gain increased visibility into how their financial institution ranks in relation to its competitors. Engageware’s Peer Analytics analyzes and assesses the volume of appointments and provides insights such as:

Pre-scheduled appointments per location vs. peer average;

Walk-in appointments per location vs. peer average; and

Total appointment volume per location vs. peer average.

Peer Analytics equips banks and credit unions with unparalleled insight into appointment volume data for similar-sized institutions. Having visibility into the aggregate appointment volume average of their peer set allows a financial institution to proactively adjust its marketing and staffing strategies to match market trends while improving results. Additionally, the information can be used to drive growth and identify new areas of opportunity.

“Financial executives keep a close eye on their peer groups and view them as primary sources for information concerning customer experience and industry trends,” said Nina Vellayan, CEO of Engageware. “Peer Analytics provides bank and credit union executives a level of data that is rarely seen in our industry, enabling them to make actionable decisions to effect positive outcomes. This level of detailed factual analysis enables them to view and understand how their appointment schedule volume compares with industry norms. Financial institution decision-makers can now strategically identify opportunities for appointment scheduling marketing and determine how to best leverage staff in the branch.”

Peer Analytics is available to all Engageware appointment scheduling financial institution customers. To learn more, visit https://engageware.com/appointment-scheduling/analytics/#peer-analytics.

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