Duquette Consulting Is Pleased to Announce a New Strategic Partner Klear-View Camera, IP Integrated & Fused Camera Technology

DANVILLE, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Duquette Consulting is proud to announce that it will represent and advise Danville, NH-based, Klear-View Camera with strategic partners, including automobile manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Klear-View Camera holds proprietary international patents for technology to prevent Side Impact Crashes (SIC) in the automobile industry.

Duquette Consulting, led by award-winning Major League Baseball Executive Dan Duquette, will initiate a formal process to evaluate strategic alternatives, including a master license of the technology and possible sale of the company.

Klear-View Camera President Bob Roeger said, “Over the last decade, it has been a monumental effort to perfect our invention. With recent advances of the technologies, along with the increase in SIC fatalities and what we expect to be the impending federal mandate for an avoidance platform, we believe now is time to partner with manufacturers and the automobile industry.”

Duquette Consulting and its internationally experienced executive team will lead Klear-View Camera during this process working alongside Saving Lives Matter CEO Steve Petrillo, who invented the technology. “I envision Klear-View Camera emerging as a solution to the alarming increase of SIC in the US and for the auto industry around the world. Our aim is reflected in our company name ‘Saving Lives Matter,’ and since our patents extend worldwide, I look forward to our work with automobile manufacturers everywhere helping to save lives. With 360 degrees of true safety, security & surveillance we want to work with industry leaders that aim to lead the market to important safety measures that prevent SIC.”

About Klear-View Camera:

Klear-View is devoted to preventing the countless fatalities and serious injuries that presently occur due to a lack of vehicle drivers’ vision of their surroundings. Klear-View has patented a sensor-based side Collision Avoidance System designed for all vehicles to save lives and avoid devastating injuries.

About Duquette Consulting:

Duquette Consulting specializes in providing a variety of consulting expertise to its corporate clients of all sizes across multiple industries in formulating their Go-To-Market planning with emphasis on sales strategies and marketplace analysis.


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