DNAnexus to Showcase the Power of High-Value Multi-Omics Data at the Precision Medicine in IBD Summit

Co-founder of Ovation to share how researchers are using DNAnexus’ Precision Health Data Cloud to streamline analysis, identify optimal therapeutic targets, and advance drug discovery

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IBDDNAnexus, Inc., the provider of the Precision Health Data Cloud, today announced the speakers for its presentation at the upcoming 2nd Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Summit, which is being held in Boston this week. The company is hosting a luncheon presentation that will focus on its collaboration with Ovation, an omics data company committed to accelerating the development of precision medicine, to help streamline large-scale omics data analysis.

DNAnexus’ collaboration is initially focused on Ovation’s inflammatory bowel disease omics data, which includes whole genome sequencing and RNA sequencing on normal and diseased tissues linked to longitudinal clinical data. Ovation’s omics data is derived from its extensive biobank of more than 1.6 million consented samples. These samples are sourced from a nationwide network of CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic labs serving geographically and demographically diverse populations. Ovation’s laboratory information management system is used to automatically collect, de-identify, and tokenize consented samples and to normalize aggregated data across labs. The secure and scalable DNAnexus Precision Health Data Cloud helps researchers manage, analyze, and collaborate on the complex multimodal data.

Today, DNAnexus has more than 45,000 registered users across 48 countries and actively manages and supports more than 105 petabytes of complex clinical genomic, proteomic, and other multi-omic datasets on behalf of a growing network of collaborators. Its comprehensive cloud platform meets the most rigorous industry standards for data quality, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

“DNAnexus is committed to building a complete ecosystem of forward-thinking multi-omic data providers like Ovation that are focused on shaping the future of drug discovery and development,” said Thomas Laur, CEO at DNAnexus. “We are looking forward to an engaging session that will not only address the acquisition and analysis of IBD omics data but also highlight its practical applications and established best practices to help advance treatment research.”

DNAnexus Hosted Luncheon

Harnessing The Power of Multi-omics to Advance IBD Drug Discovery with DNAnexus and Ovation

Wednesday, March 20, 2024; 12:30

Revere Hotel Boston Common


Barry Wark, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ovation

Nirav Amin, PhD, Director of Solutions Science at DNAnexus

To register for the conference, please visit: https://www.precision-medicine-in-ibd.com/take-part/register/.

About DNAnexus

DNAnexus enables biomedical organizations to accelerate scientific discovery and improve patient care with the Precision Health Data Cloud. The company provides scientific innovators and healthcare professionals with the ability to manage, analyze, and collaborate on multi-omic, clinical, and real-world data to unlock insights. DNAnexus actively manages more than 105 petabytes of data on behalf of a growing network of collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, academic research, biobank, and government organizations. Today, more than 45,000 users across 48 countries and over 130 enterprise customers are harnessing the full potential of their data with the scalable and secure Precision Health Data Cloud. DNAnexus is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit www.dnanexus.com or follow @DNAnexus.


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