DALBAR Annuity Service Award Winners Excel at Meeting Investor Needs

Two Annuity Firms Stood Out for Providing Exceptional Service to Investors throughout All Phases of Their Investment Journey

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DALBAR today announced the winners of the 2022 Annuity Service Award which recognizes those annuity companies providing the highest quality customer service in the industry.

Annuities offer features that can help investors in multiple ways, including options for lifetime income, growth potential and protection from uncertain markets. Annuity company contact centers are a critical component in answering the diverse needs of annuity contract owners. Industry-leading contact centers also pass the benefits of their superior service on to advisors, handling details on individual annuity contracts and providing best-in-class service at the product level.

Two firms earned the Dalbar Annuity Service Award for contact center support in 2022. The firms are:

Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG Life & Retirement)

Guardian Life Retirement Contact Center

These firms have recognized the importance of helping investors navigate the complexities of both accumulating wealth and transitioning it into lifetime income. This award validates the fact that Corebridge Financial and Guardian Life Retirement are superior in serving their annuity investors by accessibility, understanding and knowledge of the challenges that investors face throughout their life.

The Dalbar Service Award is based on a comprehensive, independent year-long audit of the quality of contact center interactions. To earn recognition, firms must perform at a high level measured by criteria covering all aspects of the service experience, including relationship building, transactional elements, and industry expertise, among others. DALBAR’s proprietary criteria are based on industry best practices and superior service standards.

DALBAR is an independent third-party expert, providing audits, evaluations, ratings, and due diligence. DALBAR certifications are the mark of excellence in the financial services community.

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Media: Emily Kunka