Cogito Releases New Product Capabilities and Integrations to Create the Connected Contact Center Ecosystem

The enhancements and improved platform flexibility enable leading organizations to deliver enhanced customer experience and provide deeper agent support

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cogito, the leader in Real-Time Coaching and Guidance for the enterprise, announced the launch of its enhanced product capabilities and partner integrations as part of its Connected Contact Center Ecosystem to support flexibility at scale. Designed for the cloud and large-scale enterprise deployments, the latest integrations include Salesforce Service Cloud, Genesys Cloud CX through AudioHook, and Five9 VoiceStream—creating new possibilities for the connected contact center ecosystem that is critical to customer service success.

Cogito’s Emotion AI software extracts over 200 signals from every call, applying breakthrough AI models that generate real-time cues. The in-the-moment guidance helps agents handle complex interactions, generate personalized coaching recommendations, and provide supervisors visibility into agents working from anywhere, including alerts on frustrated callers or representatives in need of support. By placing employee well-being with emotional intelligence at the heart of its technology, Cogito drives better outcomes for some of the largest enterprise organizations today.

“Contact center agents deal with complex customer challenges that are increasingly difficult to navigate,” said Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito. “The latest product enhancements and partner integrations reinforce our desire to augment the workforce and foster genuine human connections by leaning into what makes our company so unique—the decades of research in understanding human behavior and voice, and applying it to an industry that can greatly benefit from it. I look forward to seeing the positive impact these enhancements will have for current and future customers.”

New and improved capabilities of Cogito’s Real-Time Coaching and Guidance include:

New Conversational Cues: Cogito pulls topics from live conversations to provide guidance to agents such as up-sell opportunities or customers at risk.

Configurable Real-Time Guidance: Tune real-time guidance to drive specific business goals and objectives. Guide agents and supervisors in real time with the right cues, for the right moment.

Support for the Hybrid Workplace: Cogito’s self-service portal allows operational leaders to adjust guidance by site, geo, tenure, and work from home—making training and onboarding a more personalized experience for new agents working without the traditional onsite mentorship system.

Operational Visibility from Anywhere: Built directly into Cogito’s user interface, managers and frontline leaders can leverage features designed to assign resources from any location—remote or onsite.

Unified Agent Desktop Experience: As agents increasingly balance disparate systems, Cogito enables a unified agent desktop experience—enabling them to review key customer details in real-time, while also remaining fully engaged with the customer to provide a seamless, data-driven interaction.

In addition to the broader coaching system product improvements, Cogito deepened its integrations with Salesforce Service Cloud, Genesys Cloud CX and Five9 VoiceStream to introduce more granular data and insights and fast large-scale deployments.

“We’re committed to improving our customer relationships, empowering the workforce and increasing overall organizational agility,” said Jake Butterbaugh, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Organization at Five9. “As a trusted partner for several years, we’ve collaborated with Cogito on how to improve the contact center experience through their innovative Emotion AI. The latest product enhancements enable our customers to create a more integrated coaching workflow and provide in-the-moment guidance for real-time coaching and guidance, something the contact center workforce truly benefits from.”

To learn more about Cogito’s AI Coaching System’s product enhancements and integrations, click here.

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