Chamiers Global Delivers Open Letter to Limeade, Inc. Board of Directors

Chamiers believes Limeade holds the unfortunate title as one of the world’s cheapest software-as-a-service stocks on enterprise value to revenue multiples.

Chamiers believes Limeade stock trades at a deep discount to Chamiers’ assessment of its intrinsic value and recommends that the Board take urgent action including commitment to a financial path based on growth or profitability and improved disclosure.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chamiers Global LLC (“Chamiers”), an entity that beneficially owns an interest in Limeade, Inc. (“Limeade” or “Company”) (ASX:LME), announces that it has sent a letter to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Chamiers believes Limeade is a highly recurring revenue business in a growing market that trades at a deep discount to Chamiers’ assessment of its intrinsic value. Based on comparable peers, Chamiers estimates Limeade’s intrinsic value to be approximately 4.6x to 10.6x higher than its September 21 closing price at current exchange rates. Urgent action is required to potentially narrow the gap.

Chamiers recommends Limeade commit to a financial path based on either high (10% or greater) organic growth or near-term profitability. Either option may highlight the Company’s extreme valuation disconnect. Improved disclosures over the coming months on customer wins, contracted annual recurring revenue, and management compensation targets may also help restore lost investor confidence. Chamiers also believes Limeade should evaluate its Board stock ownership guidelines because a majority of Directors own zero Company stock.

The full letter, containing additional detail and recommendations, can be viewed at the following link:


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Shawn Kumar
twitter: @chamiersglobal

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