Center For Next Level Performance Brings Brain-Based Mindset Techniques To Business

CNLP Specializes In Improving Team Dynamics With Unique Mindset Approach

LOWELL, Mass. & BURLINGTON, Vt.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Center For Next Level Performance (CNLP) was launched as a new company today to bring advanced science and brain-based mindset techniques to businesses and corporate executives. Specializing in improving corporate team dynamics and executive mindset coaching, CNLP provides a unique combination of powerful mindset techniques to get to the root of the problem. CNLP’s breakthrough approach allows businesses to realize positive changes rapidly.

“Our mindset techniques are effective when used separately but, when combined in CNLP’s unique methodology, they become an even more powerful solution helping teams and executives push past obstacles, work better together and solve problems,” said Lisa Schermerhorn, co-founder, CNLP. “CNLP was created to bring this breakthrough approach to businesses and executives.

The CNLP Approach

CNLP’s unique coaching methodology gives businesses and executives an edge by accessing the root of the problem and moving towards success quickly. The three pillars of the methodology are Discover, Shift and Measure. The pillars encompass nine steps including discovering The Why, root cause analysis, breakthrough techniques and new goal setting. These techniques include the WHY Institute’s exclusive discovery tool to help individuals and businesses achieve clarity and direction for optimal performance. CNLP is one of the few certified WHY Institute coaches in New England.

“CNLP’s unique approach solves problems two to four times faster than traditional techniques,” said Kevin Martin, co-founder, CNLP. “We focus on the ‘why’ of a problem instead of the traditional ‘what,’ ‘how’ or ‘who,’ With this approach, CNLP has developed high-impact tools and techniques that generate breakthroughs and transformations for teams and executives.”

CNLP Founders

CNLP Founders Schermerhorn and Martin have a combined 30 years of experience helping people and businesses using mindset coaching techniques. Sought after as industry speakers, both are published authors with books on mindset coaching.

“Kevin and Lisa were early adopters of the WHY.os movement and they quickly embraced the concept and made it a part of their methodology,” said Dan Dominguez, chief growth officer, The WHY Institute. “Helping their clients Discover their WHY.os is an integral part of everything they do and we see CNLP as a pioneer and innovator in the mindset coaching space for individuals and teams.”

About CNLP

CNLP changes the way to view a problem unlocking new approaches and solutions. It has 30 years’ experience working with teams and individuals in high-performance technology and pharmaceutical companies and start-ups of all kinds.


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