CargoMetrics Introduces Three New Commodity Products

Former hedge fund launches commercial data products for Iron Ore, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas on AWS Data Exchange

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CargoMetrics, a pioneer in the systematic monitoring and analysis of global maritime trade, has announced the launch of three new commercial data products that measure seaborne commodity trade – the Iron Ore Pack, LNG Pack, and LPG Pack. The products are designed to support analysis, modeling, learning, training, and backtesting in order to make reliable, data-driven decisions. The three products join CargoMetrics’ popular Crude Pack, released in 2022, and are part of the company’s commodity group of Better-Built DataTM products. Each includes global coverage – with greater than 90% of imports and exports by country – point-in-time daily data, and more than six years of historical data.

“CargoMetrics has a comprehensive, spatial-temporal graph of maritime trade. Our maritime system has been powering high-value applications for more than a decade and our new products reflect our holistic, fully systematic approach to modeling maritime trade and our emphasis on trustworthiness and consistency,” said CargoMetrics CEO Jes Scully. “The Iron Ore Pack, LNG Pack, and LPG Pack are the first of several authoritative, unopinionated data products we plan to release this year, made possible by the unparalleled capabilities of our maritime system.”

CargoMetrics’ patented system consumes billions of new data points daily and has been built with point-in-time considerations from the ground up, providing a reliable foundation for data driven decision making and systematic algorithmic operations. The company applies physical modeling, statistical modeling, and machine learning techniques to derive actionable insights into global economic activity.

System inputs include:

Vessel position data from satellites and terrestrial sensors

Vessel characteristic data

Port and berth profile data

Freight and financial instrument price data

The Iron Ore Pack, LNG Pack, and LPG Pack are available in Standard and Advanced versions and are well suited for a wide range of applications including the construction of systematic, quantitative trading strategies; financial market research; enhancement of fundamental models and price forecasts; measurement of national and global trade volumes and trends; and the monitoring of the impact of trade disruptions and geopolitical events. The Company’s data products are organized in three primary groups – commodities, shipping activity, and environmental impact.

The Iron Ore Pack, LNG Pack, LPG Pack, and Crude Pack are available for licensing on the AWS Data Exchange (ADX). The Crude Pack is also available on Bloomberg DATA < GO >.

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