Camunda doubles down on process orchestration capabilities and extends integration support

Camunda delivers more enterprise capabilities required to scale process orchestration faster across multiple use cases and achieve quicker strategic transformation.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#camundaCamunda expands its ability to orchestrate complex, resilient, and flexible business processes from end to end. Camunda 8.3 includes multi-tenancy on Camunda Self-Managed to scale to the highest enterprise automation level and access to the new marketplace for Camunda Connectors to integrate third-party endpoints. The new features make Camunda more extensible, enabling organizations to accelerate their automation maturity, processing diverse processes more effectively than ever before.

“Market dynamics and macroeconomic shifts are forcing organizations to rapidly digitize their business,” said Daniel Meyer, CTO at Camunda. “However, this acceleration gave rise to scattered automations, proliferating tools throughout the organization without creating consistent transformation. Leaders now look to harness their current tech stack to create better customer experiences and improve operational excellence. Our latest release enables organizations to achieve these automation goals by orchestrating and transforming critical processes while balancing innovation, differentiation, and governance.”

Camunda enables organizations to build layers of operational excellence by leveraging key process orchestration capabilities required to accelerate digital transformation. The new features include:

Multi-Tenancy for Self-Managed: Multi-tenancy helps organizations scale automation and support building an automation center of excellence (CoE). Multi-tenancy allows the reuse of one Camunda cluster for multiple distinct use cases. Camunda administrators can set up a Zeebe cluster once, and then reuse it for multiple teams and projects to help minimize costs and optimize resource usage. This helps scaling automation capabilities to more teams while keeping operational overhead to a minimum.

Camunda Marketplace: The public marketplace offers a convenient source to quickly leverage out-of-the-box Connectors for various business systems created by our community, partners, and Camunda engineers. Teams can search by categories such as AI, Automation Services, Collaboration, Data & Analytics, Enterprise Applications, and more to source a pre-built integration for their specific use cases. Camunda Marketplace is tightly integrated with Camunda Web Modeler to easily leverage pre-built Connectors in specific projects.

Automating Human Workflows: Many automated processes can benefit from or require humans in the loop. The AI form generator inside Camunda Forms reduces the time it takes to create a user task form. It uses the OpenAI API to generate a form based on a natural language input. Furthermore, processes can now use an external form to start a process instance via a public user interface. This lets organizations rapidly implement and test a process with a target audience.

Streamlining CI/CD processes with Web Modeler API: Streamlining CI/CD processes is a critical milestone for an organization’s journey toward a mature, agile DevOps culture. With the Web Modeler API, users can better integrate process diagrams in existing CI/CD workflows to improve delivery cadence with greater visibility and governance. Developers with advanced permissions can access any project via the API to modify any project or files, including Connector templates. Users can also leverage milestones to trigger when a process is ready for review or to move into production.

“Multi-tenancy opens doors for organizations to enhance their automation initiatives in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner,” said Alan Hale, VP Customer Success at Camunda. “This functionality not only helps to reduce carbon footprints but also enables organizations to optimize their automation center of excellence model while offering broad applicability to a diverse range of enterprises. It’s the kind of versatile functionality our customers have been eagerly anticipating to elevate the maturity of their automation efforts.”

“The intuitive accessibility of Connectors on the Camunda Marketplace can help streamline process management as we support our clients’ digital transformation efforts,” said Prashant Gaonkar, global head of Enterprise Integration and Process Management, Cognizant Enterprise Platform Services. “Through the marketplace, we can provide specialized Connectors, built with Cognizant’s deep industry knowledge, designed to help accelerate our clients’ Camunda adoption and automation journeys. As we continue to build out our portfolio of customized Connectors, we look forward to strengthening our ability to serve clients as a leading transformation partner on Camunda’s platform.”


Camunda 8.3 launches October 10, 2023. A free Camunda account with a 30-day trial of premium features is available at Learn more about all these new features and more during the release webinar on October 24th or on our blog.

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Anna Schroth

Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Camunda