Boston Digital Issues Consumer Research Report on Sustainability

Key Findings Illustrate Critical Nature of Sustainability for Brand in 21st Century

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boston Digital, a leading provider of digital marketing and brand services, today issues the first in a series of four white papers focused on the role of sustainability in brand marketing and sales. The paper, which includes results of a comprehensive survey of key general publics, comes as the world is grappling with the impacts of climate change and rising energy costs on life and business. The focus of the paper is on the manner by which businesses can, and must, integrate authentic sustainability initiatives into their core business in an era when digital marketing can define a reputation in real time. Key findings of the survey include:

The continued and growing belief that technology is and can solve sustainability challenges;

The somewhat counterintuitive finding that consumers have faith in big energy to find solutions – and that their behavior is authentic;

Luxury goods makers rank lowest in perceived authenticity;

Sustainability resonates as a key issue, equally, across education levels.

“Many of the findings were in line with our assumptions, while others were surprising,” said Boston Digital president and CEO, Peter Prodromou. “We know that people have great faith in technology to solve problems, yet people don’t factor in the huge energy drain these companies create through server farms and crypto mining, among other things. The other great reveal is the similarity of attitudes across generations and education levels, which tracks to our research about the Impulse Generation.”

The Impulse Generation is Boston Digital’s breakthrough methodology that posits that the best way to reach and engage with people on the web is by identifying their shared behaviors across generations, thereby maximizing efficiency and results. The company applies this methodology, which is counter to traditional persona development and targeting methodologies, as a central tenet of its digital development and campaign work.

“We are constantly searching for ways to challenge conventional wisdom in marketing and to leverage new methodologies to drive better results,” continued Prodromou. “With this latest survey, we intend to cross-reference key findings around a central brand issue, with our research on behavior, to drive results for our clients.”

The white paper can be accessed here: Boston Digital Sustainability Report

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