Bit Builders, Inc. Delivers Turnkey Image Fraud Detection with OrboGraph

Integration of OrboGraph’s OrboAnywhere Fraud Module with Bit Builders’ NextGen Digital Banking offers stand-alone platform

BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OrboGraph, a global leader in check and payment processing automation, has proudly announced a business partnership with Bit Builders, Inc., creators of the NextGen Digital Banking platform. The collaboration provides an industry-leading platform financial institutions can leverage to deter check fraud at the paying bank as well as the depositary financial institution.

Delivering A Turnkey Solution

The Bit Builders NextGen Digital Banking platform, with its extensive array of host and image connectors, is highly adaptive to the financial institution’s processing environment:

Choose from the Bit Builders fully managed cloud-hosted solution or choose a self-managed on-prem option.

Retrieve images from nearly any check imaging platform. Provide transaction information via index files or APIs.

Automated processing with OrboGraph’s Anywhere Fraud transaction and image forensic detection.

Decision daily suspect items via NextGen’s industry-leading web-based user experience.

View real-time and historical analytics and export reports for compliance reporting.

Generate daily return files in virtually any preferred custom format.

Harnessing Image Forensics

At the heart of the OrboGraph AI solution are deep learning models called OrbNet Forensic AI technology. Known for its state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention capabilities, OrbNet Forensic AI scrutinizes image payment transactions with detection levels of 95%+ on targeted use cases delivering protection to clients of financial institutions.

Empowering Banks of All Sizes

Traditional fraud detection methods are often mired in manual processes and fall short due to the ever-evolving tactics of fraud actors. The collaboration of OrboGraph’s OrboAnywhere Fraud Module and Bit Builders’ NextGen Digital Banking platform results in a turnkey solution that delivers sophisticated, AI-based check fraud detection to financial institutions of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bit Builders in this transformative journey,” stated Barry Cohen, CEO of OrboGraph. “By uniting OrboGraph’s fraud detection expertise with BitBuilders’ exceptional user experience, we are creating a synergy that will reshape how many banks combat fraud. Our shared vision is to empower financial institutions to stay ahead of fraudsters and provide the best security measures for their customers.”

John Madaras, President & CEO of Bit Builders added, “The financial industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and our partnership with OrboGraph enables us to offer our clients a game-changing solution. The integration of OrbNet Forensic AI technology and the NextGen Digital Banking platform empowers banks to operate with confidence and security, no matter their size or operational complexity.”

About OrboGraph

OrboGraph LLC. and OrboGraph LTD. ( are independent companies within the Thompson Street Capital Partners portfolio. OrboGraph is a premier developer and supplier of recognition solutions, payment negotiability, and check fraud detection for the check processing market. Nearly 4,000 financial institutions, service bureaus, and clearinghouses rely on OrboGraph technology to process billions of checks and payments annually.

About Bit Builders, Inc.

Bit Builders, Inc. has been an innovator in financial services software for 25 years. Its NextGen Digital Banking platform provides financial institutions with a secure, scalable digital banking solution with an industry-leading user experience. Bit Builders delivers its cutting-edge solutions in the cloud or on-prem, providing ultimate flexibility to financial institutions. To learn more, please visit



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