ATLANTIC-ACM Announces 2024 U.S. Business Connectivity Service Provider Excellence Awards

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Altice–Leading research consultancy and market diligence firm ATLANTIC-ACM announced its 2024 U.S. Business Connectivity Service Provider Excellence Awards. The awards are based on survey feedback from 1,050 business services buyers who provided over 2,900 carrier specific evaluations of service level and product quality for their current providers.

ATLANTIC-ACM introduced the Business Connectivity Report Card survey in 2006 to give service providers a truly impartial customer experience benchmarking data along with insights on shifting purchase dynamics and customer buying priorities.

The wireline business services market is continually evolving due to changing customer needs and advancements in technology. The most critical buying considerations for enterprise and SMB customers remain Network Performance, Network Security, Price, and Customer Service. Customers are progressively shifting their spending away from Legacy Voice and IP VPN/MPLS services, opting instead for more cost-effective and higher-capacity solutions like Waves, DIA, Broadband, Ethernet, VoIP, as well as Managed Services. Demand for security products continues to increase, with premises-based security appliances and cloud-based security having the highest penetration.

ATLANTIC-ACM gives awards across two carrier groups, Large Service Providers and Midsized Service Providers, which are segmented based on total estimated wireline revenue. ATLANTIC-ACM recognizes the top Large Service Providers and Midsized Providers in each major operational category, as well as the highest combined average for quality and price ratings (value) in data and voice.

The 2024 winners for Large Providers are:

Verizon: Brand, Sales Reps, Service Delivery (tied with Spectrum), Network Performance, Customer Service

Spectrum Enterprise: Service Delivery (tied with Verizon), Voice Value

Cox: Billing

Comcast Business: Data Value (tied with Lumen)

Lumen: Data Value (tied with Comcast)

The 2024 winners for Mid-Sized Providers are:

Crown Castle: Brand, Sales Reps, Customer Service, Service Delivery (tied with Altice), Billing

Cogent: Network Performance, Data Value

Vonage: Voice Value

Altice: Service Delivery (tied with Crown Castle)


ATLANTIC-ACM is a leading strategic advisory and market diligence consulting firm to the telecom and technology sectors, helping operators and investors navigate changing market dynamics, economies, and technologies since 1991. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at


Marta Duran