Arctaris Impact Investors: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Amplify Impact

Arctaris Impact invests to revitalize challenged communities, improve quality of life, and build sustainable futures by creating economic, social, and environmental impact.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arctaris Impact Investors, LLC (“Arctaris Impact”), a Boston-based impact investment firm with over 14 years of experience and seven funds, is proud to present the Arctaris Annual Impact Report: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Amplify Impact. This report showcases the firm’s achievements in public-private partnerships, emphasizing the dual mission of benefiting underserved communities while delivering solid returns for investors.

The 2022 Arctaris Impact Report underscores impact metrics at both the fund and portfolio company levels, harmonizing outcomes with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each suite of community investments benefits from tailored public-private partnerships, pivotal for realizing transformative results across Arctaris Impact’s growing place-based initiatives nationwide.

Jonathan Tower, CEO and Founder of Arctaris Impact, remarks, “Our core objective is to weave impact into every investment decision, propelling equitable prosperity in under-resourced communities. We strive for genuine impact, beyond what would naturally occur, ensuring additionality.”

In 2022, the Arctaris portfolio enabled greater access to essential infrastructure projects, such as providing broadband connectivity to roughly 12,000 residences and businesses and financing 1,726 market-rate multifamily homes in neglected areas.1 The firm’s investments have also been vital in generating and preserving over 9,000 quality, living-wage jobs. A persistent push for diversity and inclusion in business ventures has been evident: 57% of 2022’s investments were minority-owned, with 42% minority representation among top-tier management in portfolio companies.2 Additionally, Arctaris Impact remains dedicated to championing renewable energy, with over 50 megawatts of cumulative solar power capacity.3

The firm has maintained a valuable collaboration with the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), a non-profit research entity founded by Harvard Business School’s Professor Michael Porter. ICIC independently assesses, monitors, and shares investment impact data with interested parties. Arctaris Impact is convinced that rigorous impact evaluation and stewardship elevate tangible community benefits over time.

With $60M of equity invested in 2022, plus significantly more reserved for specific projects, Arctaris Impact is committed to rejuvenating struggling communities, enhancing residents’ living standards, and fostering sustainable futures through holistic impact.4 The firm warmly welcomes like-minded impact catalysts to explore collaborative avenues, aiming to spur substantial growth in these marginalized areas.

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About Arctaris Impact Investors:

Arctaris Impact Investors, LLC, anchored in Boston, has been at the forefront of impact investing for over 14 years across seven funds. The company oversees funds that channel investments into dynamic businesses and pivotal community infrastructure in underserved locales. Established in 2009, Arctaris has built robust alliances with entities like the Kresge Foundation, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, and numerous foundation and governmental bodies. These collaborations focus on Opportunity Zones, inner cities, and select rural regions across the U.S., aiming to yield superior investment outcomes paired with tangible societal benefits. Dive deeper at

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