AppMap Named a 2022 TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Finalist

AppMap Selected Among Top 20 Companies to Compete on Prestigious Disrupt Stage; Unveiling Three New Runtime Code Analysis Tools that Boost Performance, Security, and Collaboration

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AppMap (formerly AppLand), a provider of developer observability tools that run in the code editor, today announced the launch of three tools in its suite of solutions for runtime code analysis that increase performance, security, and collaboration at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022. AppMap was one of 20 companies selected from 200 to be named a Startup Battlefield Finalist for its work in transforming runtime code analysis for developers and software teams. AppMap CEO and Co-Founder Elizabeth Lawler unveiled the three tools to a panel of leading industry investors, TechCrunch editors, and a live TechCrunch Disrupt audience, competing for the coveted title of 2022 Startup Battlefield Winner.

Until now, developers and software teams have been forced to rely on static analysis tools and complex software workflows that are unable to identify code-related design issues or troubleshoot customer issues. This results in hours of rework that stalls creativity and innovation. Software toil is one of the main drivers of developers quitting at an unprecedented rate of 20% per year, one of the highest of any industry. AppMap dramatically reduces software development toil and rework, which costs organizations up to $85 billion per year, allowing developers to cut through complexity, reduce rework, and unleash their creativity.

AppMap provides the first-ever developer observability platform that delivers dynamic software performance, security analysis, and runtime insights to developers in the code editor. The company disrupts traditional approaches to the developer experience by seamlessly integrating its open source runtime code analysis tool directly in the code editor, empowering developers and their organizations with real-time observability and troubleshooting.

“Software complexity sucks the joy out of coding and stifles innovation. If you are one of the 25 million developers today that spends half their week in software toil, you’re being robbed of your most valuable resource: time,” said Lawler. “We built AppMap on the simple premise that developers should be able to see the behavior of software as they write it so they can prevent problems when the software runs. AppMap’s free, open source developer platform continually maps, analyzes and assesses the performance, stability, and security of application code as it is written. We deliver AppMap with a user-friendly interactive experience as a code editor extension that developers love.”

Unlike traditional observability tools, AppMap runs in the code editor, enabling users to see not only production code behavior but also any proposed changes to performance, security, and stability as code is being developed throughout the SDLC. AppMap is the only tool that can identify software runtime code issues within a developer’s code editor before they commit their code. In addition, the platform offers focused alerts and proactively suggests solutions to the problems it detects. This elevates the developer experience by providing predictive and actionable analysis. AppMap empowers developers to make decisions earlier and faster than ever before, resulting in significantly improved software performance, stability and security.

New tools in the AppMap solution suite include:

AppMap Security Analysis: Unlike static analysis tools, which are quick to run but often include many false positives, AppMap sees the code paths in action and identifies exactly where flaws occur. This information enables developers to resolve issues before they commit or before the code is deployed into production.

AppMap Performance Analysis: Traditional production observability tools are expensive and typically keep data siloed away from the developers who need it to solve runtime performance issues. The AppMap Performance Analysis alerts developers to slow API requests, repeated SQL queries, or other common code-related performance issues before the code leaves their code editor.

AppMap Sharing and Collaboration: With this release, AppMap can be easily shared with the other engineers on a development team to speed up the code review process and to build a shared understanding of the paths their code takes at runtime. Users can access maps to further inform product and engineering teams and understand software complexity —and easily share them within a Pull Request to reduce the burden of code reviews on teams. This helps facilitate easy collaboration across product teams.

The annual TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200 is one of the industry’s most respected awards competitions, debuting the hottest startups and introducing game-changing technologies that have the potential to transform the tech industry. The Startup Battlefield 200 helps connect entrepreneurs to venture capitalists and funding, and has launched successful companies like Dropbox, Mint, Cloudflare, Fitbit, Yammer, and more.

Lawler commented, “To be recognized as a Startup Battlefield Finalist is a huge honor. The competition has helped launch some incredible companies. We are thrilled to use the Disrupt stage as a launching pad to drive the level of visibility and validation needed to scale our company and help more organizations harness the full power and creativity of their software and developer teams to fuel business success.” The winner of the Startup Battlefield will be determined on October 20 once all finalists have pitched their company on the prestigious Disrupt stage in front of thousands of attendees.

Visit the AppMap booth #L8 at TechCrunch Disrupt, taking place October 18-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Experts will be on hand to provide demonstrations.

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AppMap is the first developer observability platform that delivers dynamic software performance, security analysis, and runtime insights to developers in the code editor. Its open source runtime code analysis platform lives directly in the code editor, empowering developers and their organizations with real-time observability and troubleshooting. For more information, follow AppMap on Twitter (@getappmap) and LinkedIn, and visit


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