Adrenaline Elevates Gina Bleedorn to President and Kevin Johnson to Executive Vice President as Brand Experience Company Surpasses $100 Million in Revenue

Company known for leading change in the financial services industry announces evolution in top leadership for next generation of growth

ATLANTA & PORTSMOUTH, N.H. & TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The end-to-end brand experience company helping banks and credit unions grow has announced plans for expanding on its own powerful growth trajectory with key leadership roles at the top of the organization. In the last five years alone, Adrenaline has grown 300% and added 100 employees. Now, the company is evolving its management team to set the pace for the future.

In a companywide Town Hall, Sean Keathley, CEO of Adrenaline, announced two promotions. Gina Bleedorn is being elevated to the role of President, supported by Kevin Johnson who will focus on operations in his new role as Executive Vice President, in addition to his CFO duties. These prominent leadership moves will position the company for even more influence and impact in the coming years.

Gina Bleedorn, President of Adrenaline

“As a founder of Adrenaline, Gina was the first puzzle piece to build on the organization we have today,” says Sean, who, since 2018 has served as President and CEO, as he handed over the reins of the presidency. “For anyone who has ever met her, there is no more obvious choice for President. She is such a dynamic and inspiring leader, both inside and outside the company, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone whose strategic brilliance and business acumen is surpassed only by how much she cares about our company, our clients, and our people.”

A widely recognized thought leader, Gina has spent her career over the past two decades at Adrenaline leading change for financial institutions and innovating on how they succeed from the brand to the branch. Gina reflects on the company’s growth, “What we have accomplished is phenomenal. We’ve assembled the best and brightest talent, and I can say with complete certainty that we are the leader in brand and branch transformation. No other company has rebranded more financial institutions and no other company even comes close in their impact on branch networks.”

On her vision for the future, Gina is inspired. “The industry’s need for what we do is not only growing at an incredible clip, it has never been greater. Our uniquely broad capabilities deliver on every aspect of brand experience, from brand and branch strategy and design to retail network transformation, construction and implementation. We are in the perfect position to conceptualize exceptional experiences and then make them manifest—to help our clients and the industry itself advance.”

In addition to her accomplishments at Adrenaline, Gina is a graduate of Furman University, a renowned speaker and thought leader, and a podcast co-host for Believe in Banking. Originally from South Carolina via New York, Gina proudly calls Atlanta her home, where she resides with her husband and two young children.

Kevin Johnson, Executive Vice President & CFO of Adrenaline

Sean says, “Hiring Kevin as CFO four years ago truly helped to turbocharge the business side of the company, leading us to where we are today. In relatively short order, he transformed and sophisticated how we operationally do business.” Sean describes Kevin’s style of servant leadership. “I like that Kevin says he doesn’t need to be an expert in all areas he oversees, but rather, a leader who unblocks, who inspires, and who moves things forward. That he most certainly does.”

Having worked in several other accounting and consulting roles, Kevin knows firsthand how finance impacts the operation of a company. “When I took on the role of CFO at Adrenaline, I remember seeing the potential of being able to pull all of my threads together—bringing together finance, operations, and human resources—to influence how this company operates and scales. This new role is the next step in a natural evolution to make an even better company.”

In his position leading the team, Kevin also names the passion of people at Adrenaline as a true differentiator. “It has always been clear to me that every leader, every person at this company, has such a fire in their belly. It’s not about giving directives, but really working alongside teams to lead change. It’s that same roll-up-your-sleeves, collaborative approach that I am excited to bring to the EVP role.”

Kevin lives in New Hampshire with his partner and their dogs and chickens, and is an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Bentley University, one of the nation’s top business schools.

About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is an end-to-end brand experience company serving the financial industry that positions, designs, builds, and implements change for companies so they can grow. We move brands and businesses ahead by delivering on every aspect of their experience across digital and physical channels, from strategy through design, construction, and implementation.


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