AcuityMD Launches ‘Pipeline’ to Enable MedTech Commercial Teams to Forecast with Accuracy and Improve Sales Planning

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AcuityMD, provider of a novel commercial platform for medical technology (MedTech) companies, announced the launch of Pipeline, a new module that enables sales representatives to execute on prospects throughout the sales lifecycle, track progress, forecast accurately, and ultimately improve business planning to grow revenue.

AcuityMD’s Pipeline solution addresses the challenges of the complex MedTech sales lifecycle. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) use MedTech products in vastly different ways depending on various factors, such as product type, surgical procedure, clinical preference, patient characteristics, among others. This makes managing opportunities and predicting ongoing product usage extremely complicated since teams often lack solid data to inform sales forecasts and revenue impact for both the remaining and next fiscal years.

“Pipeline is a game-changer as many MedTech companies struggle to manage the unique complexities of selling medical devices without industry-specific technology,” said Michael Monovoukas, co-founder and CEO of AcuityMD. “Traditional CRMs aren’t natively embedded with customer data, and generic software fails to accommodate the nuances of customer management in the MedTech space. As a result, running a sales process across complex customer profiles is often cumbersome, time consuming, and inaccurate, putting business goals at risk and making it difficult to plan.”

AcuityMD customer, Anika Therapeutics, Inc., a global joint preservation MedTech company, sought a single solution to manage customer opportunities and achieve their vision of a centralized sales process. They expanded their partnership with AcuityMD as an early adopter of AcuityMD Pipeline, which brings opportunity capture and management to the unified platform. In 2019, Anika’s sales team used AcuityMD’s Targeting platform to identify and prioritize new prospects.

“With Acuity’s Targeting solution, we were able to surface over 500 relevant surgeons,” said Rob Delp, vice president, U.S. sales, at Anika. “Now that we’ve identified the prospects, we’re leveraging Pipeline to execute on these opportunities faster, forecast more accurately, and deliver on our sales projections by mapping out an end-to-end view of sales cycles in a single source of truth.”

Benefits of AcuityMD Pipeline:

Built for MedTech’s unique data and workflows – Pipeline maps to MedTech’s specific data and sales structure, allowing teams to forecast and meet quota more accurately.

Unified end-end platform – Pipeline enables sales representatives to identify opportunities, fill their pipeline, and move prospects through the sales cycle in one unified system, making it easier to continuously monitor progress towards quota and close any gaps with fresh opportunities.

Fully integrated with MedTech data – Pipeline gives teams ready-to-use information relevant to each opportunity. In addition to saving time on data entry and maintenance, teams have confidence that their forecasts are reliable.

Built for Desktop and Mobile – Pipeline is also built with full functional depth on the AcuityMD Mobile App, making it even easier to update and track on the go.

Pipeline is now generally available and part of the AcuityMD platform.

About AcuityMD

AcuityMD is a leading technology partner to the commercial MedTech industry. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals use AcuityMD’s commercial platform to identify target markets, surface top opportunities, and grow their business. With customers ranging from pre-commercial to enterprise, AcuityMD is committed to providing MedTech companies with unparalleled visibility to accelerate the adoption of medical technology.


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