733Park Represents Project Acceleration: High-Growth Payment Processing Portfolio for Sale

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ecommerce733Park, a leading M&A advisory firm based in Boston, is announcing its representation of Project Acceleration, a lucrative merchant portfolio in the payment processing industry, now on the market for acquisition. This announcement highlights 733Park’s commitment to bringing payments investment opportunities to the forefront of the financial sector.

Project Acceleration is an investment opportunity in payment processing with significant growth and financial strength. The merchant portfolio’s highlights include:

Financial Performance: Project Acceleration has $200,000 in gross monthly revenue alongside a net monthly revenue of $150,000.

Revenue Pipeline: An additional $250,000 in revenue is in the process of being installed, having been recently secured through new contracts.

IGrowth Potential: The portfolio is on a trajectory for another 100% year-over-year growth, showcasing its scalability and market potential.

Operational Base: Supported by a dedicated network of 80 agents, the portfolio is well-positioned for further expansion and success.

Seller Engagement Post-Transaction: The seller is actively committed to fostering new business post-sale with the right buyer, adding significant value to this investment opportunity.

“The offering of Project Acceleration is a unique chance for savvy investors to capitalize on a rapidly growing sector,” said Lane Gordon, Managing Director at 733Park. “This merchant portfolio offers strong current returns and a bright future with its anticipated growth and the seller’s ongoing involvement.”

Project Acceleration represents an ideal investment for entities seeking a high-growth, high-return portfolio in the payment processing/merchant processing industry. The seller’s commitment to writing new business post-acquisition further supports the portfolio’s robustness and potential for further growth.

Potential buyers are invited to contact 733Park for more detailed information and to discuss this exceptional investment opportunity.

About 733Park

Headquartered in Boston, 733Park is the premiere market maker for buying or selling ISOs, merchant portfolios, ISVs, or SaaS. 733Park, under the direction of Lane Gordon, a 20-year M&A veteran, represents payments and software companies looking for successful exits and buyers looking to execute specific acquisition or roll-up strategies. 733Park is a boutique mergers and acquisition advisory firm specializing in payments, fintech, SaaS, and ISVs.

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