4AIR, Del Monte Aviation and the Monterey Fuel Company Coordinate Sustainable Aviation Fuel Offering at Monterey Regional Airport

Flexjet to be launch customer for SAF initiative at Monterey Airport

Marks 4AIR’s first facilitation of climate-friendly sustainable aviation fuel

During Monterey Car Week, 4AIR and Del Monte Aviation will offer SAF to outbound flights at no additional cost above jet fuel

4AIR will also offset the carbon emissions of all inbound and outbound private flights regardless of operator during Monterey Car Week

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, today announced that it is facilitating a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offering at Monterey Regional Airport (ICAO: KMRY) with fixed base operator (FBO) Del Monte Aviation and the Monterey Fuel Company LLC. SAF generates a net reduction in aircraft emissions that contribute to climate change. Flexjet, a global leader in private jet travel, is the launch customer, and will uplift only SAF for its aircraft taking on fuel at Monterey.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is a highly effective strategy for reducing aircraft emissions that contribute to climate change,” said Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s president. “The use of sustainable aviation fuel goes beyond offsetting emissions to bring in-sector reductions in the near term, which ultimately is the next phase for aviation sustainability. We congratulate Flexjet, as Monterey’s launch customer for SAF, for joining us in taking this significant step forward.”

Sustainable aviation fuel is a “drop-in” fuel that meets all the same technical and safety requirements as standard jet fuel. Although SAF contains the same hydrocarbons as traditional petroleum-based jet fuel, the hydrocarbons come from more sustainable sources, such as:

used or waste cooking oils,

tallow (waste animal fats),

waste woody biomass and

municipal solid waste (MSW).

This results in a net reduction of emissions when compared to petroleum-based jet fuel on a life cycle basis. To claim the reductions from the use of the fuel, appropriate documentation must be kept to prove chain of custody and track accurate emission reduction calculations.

Del Monte Aviation at the Monterey Regional Airport offers as a fuel option Avfuel’s Neste MY Sustainable Aviation FuelTM to aircraft owners and operators fueling at Monterey Regional Airport. Now, 4AIR will facilitate user documentation for aircraft uplifting SAF at Monterey, beginning with Flexjet. Since June 7, 2021, Flexjet has uplifted only SAF in Monterey. 4AIR will provide all documentation and sustainability accounting to prove transfer of ownership and accurate emissions reductions calculations.

“As the aviation industry focuses on ways to reduce its impact on the environment, SAF will play a key role. More and more operators are committing to decrease the CO2 footprint of their flight operations through the use of SAF.” said Del Monte Aviation General Manager Matthew Wright. “Our collaboration with Avfuel and Neste on the supply side and 4AIR and Flexjet on the user side is truly game changing in providing access to SAF.”

The 4AIR rating framework promotes SAF as one of its highest-valued emissions strategies and offers benchmarks that are aligned with industrywide carbon reduction goals and consistent with international standards. The framework offers various levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability.

Participants in 4AIR’s rating system that commit to using SAF can be rated at 4AIR Level 3 (Gold) –Beyond Neutral, which enables them to go beyond emissions neutrality to actually reducing emissions by at least 5 percent through solutions such as using SAF or purchasing SAF credits through 4AIR.

Emissions of All Flights to and from Monterey Car Week to Be Offset by 4AIR and Del Monte Aviation

Monterey Car Week, which is held annually along Monterey County, California’s beautiful Pacific coast, features automotive events, including exhibitions, auctions and rallies that conclude at the world-renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The events draw an audience that include many attendees who arrive via private aircraft.

To reduce the emissions associated with Monterey Car Week’s air traffic, 4AIR and Del Monte Aviation have committed to providing outbound private aircraft flights at Monterey Regional Airport the option to fuel with SAF. Del Monte Aviation has secured over 24,000 additional gallons of 30%-blended SAF for aircraft being serviced through the airport for Monterey Car Week private jet traffic. 4AIR will cover the premium cost of SAF over the cost of traditional jet fuel for operators uplifting during the event and while supplies last. 4AIR will manage all of the SAF accounting and documentation for the offering. In addition, all inbound and outbound flights to Del Monte Aviation will be offset to 4AIR Level 1, meaning all air travel to and from Del Monte Aviation for Monterey Car Week will be carbon-neutral.

About 4AIR

4AIR is an industry pioneer offering sustainability solutions beyond just simple carbon neutrality. Its industry-first framework seeks to address climate impacts of all types and provides a simplified and verifiable path for private aviation industry participants to achieve meaningful aircraft emissions counteraction and reduction.

The 4AIR framework offers four levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability that make it easy for private aviation users to pursue sustainability through access to carbon markets, use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, support for new technologies and other strategies.

All carbon credits through 4AIR are quantified and verified through the most respected and international leading bodies that issue and register credits, including the American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA) and The Gold Standard. Additionally, end-of-year commitment audits are independently verified by third parties. 4AIR also serves the demand signal working groups with the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition.

For more information, visit us at www.4air.aero.


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